Yet Another UFO Buzzes International Space Station -- Dozy NASA Employee Cuts Live Feed Only After Vigilant Alien Hunter Recorded Damning ET Evidence [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

Alleged alien UFO traffic in the vicinity of the International Space Station in low Earth orbit has been constant and heavy in recent weeks, with multiple UFO sighting reports emanating from the UFO community.

And going by the claims of UFO conspiracy theorists, NASA's alleged team of dedicated video technicians, saddled with the onerous duty of editing out UFO evidence from the live ISS video -- as part of NASA's alleged UFO cover-up policy -- are having a difficult time managing the nuisance of alien UFOs popping up in the live stream.

Intrepid alien hunters who stay glued around-the-clock to NASA's live ISS feed have reported yet another alien spacecraft that managed to beat NASA's infamous UFO censorship team.

"NASA did cut the feed but only after I recorded this. Maybe somebody was sleeping and I made this catch?"

But once again, UFO hunter SonOfMaBarker beat NASA's alleged Soviet-style censorship officers. And thanks to his alertness, we have yet another vital piece of incriminating video evidence of the heavy and constant alien UFO traffic -- as UFO hunters claim -- above Earth's atmosphere in low Earth orbit.

SonofMaBarker uploaded a recording of the live video (see above) showing the alleged ring-shaped UFO to his YouTube channel soon after the sighting on Sunday.

"Could not believe my eyes when I saw this UFO in a live feed from the International Space Station," writes the UFO hunter in his eyewitness testimony on YouTube. "Went back just a few minutes ago and the screen was blue."

SonofMaBarker's latest contribution to the alleged mounting body of evidence of extraterrestrial presence in our space neighborhood is going viral on YouTube, with many of his fans praising his vigilance.

"Didn't they stop doing live feed? Thanks for sharing, good find."

"Just keep doing what you do! Your videos are always great!"

"How do you catch these things? You are the man!"

"I've seen similar images from the ISS before... thanks for your great videos!"

"NASA [stands for]: N = nasty; A= ***; S= s**k***."

"Just keep doing what you do! Your videos are always great!"

"How do you catch these things? You are the man!"

"I've seen similar images from the ISS before... thanks for your great videos!"

"NASA [stands for]: N = nasty; A= ***; S= s**k***."

The aliens were probably enthralled by the beauty and magnificence of the sight of our planet's "Blue Marble" appearance in space. Or as Waring suggested, they were bored with viewing the ISS on their computer monitors and wanted to see it "with their own eyes."

"This UFO is a great example of an orb craft in space," the veteran UFOlogist lectures. "Notice that there looks to be a hole in its center. [The hole] is a wall becoming transparent so that the aliens can see directly through it to view the space station."

"Even aliens get bored of watching computer scenes and want to see with their own eyes."

This suggests that NASA's live video censorship team is not as incompetent as it appears. The small staff is simply overwhelmed by the constant stream of aliens -- Grays, Reptilians, Tall Whites, Nordics, Acturians -- flying across vast interstellar distances to visit our world in highly sophisticated stealth crafts.

According to UFO hunters, human science and technology are stone-age compared with advanced alien science and technology.

A theory gaining traction in the UFO community holds that a huge chunk of the regular UFO traffic in and out of our planet consists of UFOs operated by alien tour operators or travel agencies conducting rubbernecking alien tourists on guided "Earth safaris."

According to UFO theorists, the only logically consistent explanation of the recent dramatic surge in reported sightings of UFOs with apparently no hostile intention is a booming tourism industry of extraterrestrial origins, as The Inquisitr reported.

And while skeptics dismiss the tourism explanation of UFO sightings as yet another wacky suggestion from the UFO community, the U.K. Ministry of Defence officials had actually considered the possibility, as recently released UFO files from the U.K. Ministry of Defence (MoD) revealed.

The Telegraph reported that MoD officials suggested that the increasing incidence of UFOs sightings could point to a booming interstellar tourism industry, with Earth as a choice destination.

However, British MoD officials considered alternative explanations, such as alien military reconnaissance and scientific expeditions.

But an alternative theory that is popular among UFO researchers specializing in exopolitics, the cutting edge of UFOlogy that studies political affairs on the galactic scale, is that alien UFOs spotted flying near the ISS consist mostly of spacecraft bringing in delegates from extraterrestrial civilizations to meet and discuss expolitical issues that affect their world and ours with representatives of Earth's governments on board the ISS.

The ISS, managed jointly by Russia and the U.S., operates as a United Nations outpost in space where Earth representatives meet and hold exopolitical meetings, signing treaties and alliances with extraterrestrial civilizations, according to "exopolitics researchers."

Alien hunters claim to have spotted alien UFOs docking secretly in space with the ISS on multiple occasions.

[Featured Image by NASA/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain]