Maci Bookout Talks Ryan Edwards Days Before Wedding — Unresolved Feelings Or Good Intentions?

Maci Bookout is about to marry her long-term boyfriend, Taylor McKinney. The two have been planning their wedding since the beginning of the year, just after finding out they were expecting their second child together. Bookout was pushing hard for McKinney to propose to her last season on Teen Mom OG, but it didn’t happen as she had expected. Instead, he planned a proposal on the beach shortly after the couple realized that baby number two was on the way.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Maci Bookout and her pregnancy. She gave birth to her son, Maverick, back in May. It will be airing on Teen Mom OG tonight. Rumors have surfaced that she kept him hidden from the public because of medical issues related to possible drinking while pregnant. Recently, Bookout assured fans that was not the case. She wanted to remain private for the first few months and didn’t even allow MTV to film the birth. These vicious rumors began when Bookout and Taylor McKinney announced they were expecting again and already were halfway through their pregnancy. Since footage on Teen Mom OG showed the two enjoying beer on several occasions, the rumor mill began churning.

In preparation for her upcoming wedding, Maci Bookout has been doing some press. The event will be happening this weekend in Florida. According to Us Weekly, Maci Bookout spoke out about what type of woman her ex-boyfriend and Bentley’s father, Ryan Edwards, needs in his life. Maci basically described herself, just a less aggressive version. Last week on Teen Mom OG, Edwards talked about crashing her wedding. The two haven’t been together in years, but it has always seemed like there were still unresolved feelings. All of that will be put to rest this weekend when Bookout will officially become Mrs. Taylor McKinney.

Details for Maci Bookout’s wedding to Taylor McKinney have been readily available for months. She rented out a venue for the entire weekend in Florida. McKinney went with her to check it out during filming for Teen Mom OG and they both fell in love with it. Bookout felt like it was pricey and attempted to haggle it down. Throwing a wedding together in just a few months isn’t an easy feat but these two seemed to have done quite well pulling it off. The guest list has not been revealed, but it appears that Farrah Abraham was definitely snubbed. While she is playing it off like she doesn’t care, she is the only Teen Mom OG star not invited. In fact, it is rumored that some of the Teen Mom 2 stars have been invited as well. Bookout and Abraham had a blowout and haven’t recovered since then, though they have been able to be civil.

Since Maci Bookout is a social media fan, her accounts should be filled with pre-wedding and wedding photos. Fans have been waiting for this event forever. Bookout has always been one of the tame stars from the Teen Mom franchise, and her fan base spans various age groups. The next several days will be super busy for Bookout and Taylor McKinney. They have last minute preparations to handle and traveling with three children is no easy task. This is something that Bookout has dreamed of her entire life and it is happening in just days. She is likely stressed out, but has always been able to handle stress better than some of her co-stars.

As the week winds down, Maci Bookout will finally enjoy her happy ending. It took kissing several frogs before she met her prince, but Taylor McKinney completes her. The two have had their fair share of ups and downs, but neither one of them wanted to give up. In just a few short days, Maci Bookout will finally be a married woman, something she has wanted for years.

[Featured Image via Teen Mom OG/Facebook]