Pascal Duvier: Kim Kardashian’s Bodyguard Writes Of Kim’s Assault On Instagram, Gets Twitter Buzz [Video]

Pascal Duvier is Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard — and Pascal is getting plenty of attention in the wake of Kim’s bad experiences and recent assaults in Paris. As reported by the Inquisitr, Kim had recently called Duvier a “G,” short for “gangster,” when Pascal helped protect Kardashian from an attack by Vitalii Sediuk. Vitalii tried to kiss Kim on the butt — and in the below video from Pascal’s Instagram, Duvier can be seen quickly taking Kardashian’s attacker down to the ground as Kim safely walked away without stumbling.


On Instagram, Pascal wrote about the kissing attack on Kim just four days ago, with Duvier explaining that if he had punched Kim’s attacker, Duvier himself would have gotten in trouble with the law. Pascal complained about legal loopholes that allowed Kim’s attacker to keep practicing the same actions over and over again.

Update: It appears Pascal’s Instagram account has been deleted. However, Duvier’s Twitter account is still live as of this writing.

Pascal Duvier (@pascalduvier) • Instagram photos and videos

Proud dad of 2 beautiful girls Travel the world Love Gym & Judo I don’t read DM’s Twitter: @PascalDuvier TMZ called me #BiggestBodyguardEver.”

Now that news of Kim’s most recent attack — one much scarier than an attempt to be kissed on the butt — has made the news, folks on Twitter and Instagram are asking more about Pascal the bodyguard.

As reported by the Associated Press, Kardashian was robbed of more than $10 million in jewelry — and even tied up, bound and gagged and locked in the bathroom of a luxury Paris apartment town home during the robbery.

According to Heavy, Pascal was with Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner when Kim was left without Duvier as a bodyguard. The online scuttlebutt is that Pascal likely felt Kim would be just fine in the supposedly secure Paris apartment. Also of note is that Duvier eats 18 eggs per day — a fact that could lend itself to the reasons why Pascal looks so “yoked”– or muscle-bound — not “yolked” as in “egg yolk” — in the photos of Pascal that can be seen on the publication’s website. Apparently, Pascal gets plenty of protein to help him build the muscles that Duvier needs to protect Kim as her bodyguard.

Pascal notes on his Twitter page that he is German.

Kim's bodyguard
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Pascal is also getting backlash from some people on Twitter and Instagram who are commenting on Duvier’s social media pages, asking Pascal where he was when Kardashian was getting robbed. However, rumors about Kim’s robbing being a potential inside job have been reported, according to Fox News.

As such, other people are defending Duvier and calling him an excellent bodyguard — both on Twitter and Instagram.

It’s being reported that Kim was afraid for her life, with Kardashian thinking she might die at the hands of the robbers. Kim reportedly begged the men not to kill Kardashian, because she is a mother.

On social media, some of the comments Pascal is receiving about the robbery of Kardashian can be read below.

“My guess is you were instructed to guard the sisters at the clubs, while Kim considered to be safe in apartment. You did what you were told.”

“You do your job day-in day-out; take no notice of the media always looking for someone to blame.”

“I know it wasn’t your fault. U couldn’t have predicted that. It was 3 a.m., and she was tucked away safe u thought for the night.”

“Oh boy!! Where the f*** was you??”

“If you need a job DM me.”

“Guess u lost ur job eh!”

“It would be rather stupid. Donald Duck would provide better protection.”

@pascalduvier the best and most respectable person! Unmatched.”

As of this writing, Kim has not written about the robbery on Twitter. Nor has Kardashian posted anything about her harrowing adventure on Instagram.

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The photo of a ring Kim wore can be seen above — presumably, it’s the ring worth $4.5 million that was stolen in the heist.

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