Derek Hough Dishes On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Week 4: The Pasodoble With Marilu Henner And A Big Tuesday Night Performance Are On The Way [Updated]

Derek Hough and Marilu Henner are generating a lot of buzz this fall on Dancing With the Stars, and despite some hiccups in their third dance, they were determined to shine during Week 4. This will be a big week for Derek and Marilu, as not only are they battling to stay on DWTS in Season 23, but Hough has an exciting performance being featured this week that has his fans buzzing. What’s the scoop?

As PureDWTS details, the theme for Week 4 on Dancing With the Stars was changed from the “Most Memorable” for each celebrity to be dances inspired by Cirque du Soleil, and Derek Hough and Marilu Henner were tasked with doing the pasodoble to the Ka song “Battlefield.” Many DWTS fans were talking about how this theme seems to give Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez quite the leg up over everybody else, but many felt confident that Hough and Henner would be able to shine in this one.

Derek shared via his TV Guide blog that Marilu had been looking great in rehearsals, and he noted that they would have four Dancing With the Stars troupe members involved in their dance. Hough added that he’d incorporated something from the tour he did with sister Julianne Hough for this DWTS piece with Henner, and he noted that Cirque had been the inspiration for the original performance he did with his sister.

Also, Hough said that he’d focused on the visuals in this next dance, which was a story of good and evil and he teased that DWTS fans could expect some fire breathing in what would become quite the buzzworthy Dancing With the Stars performance. Derek and Marilu struggled a bit after their Week 3 piece, and it had looked as if he was a bit mad at his partner. However, he wrote in his blog that he wasn’t mad. Rather, he noted, he knows that Marilu is on the cusp of breaking through and really shining.

The Dancing With the Stars pro said that he knows that Marilu can do it and he was somewhat frustrated because he knew Henner had it in her do to better than what was seen in Week 3. While many fans loved the pair’s dance Monday for Week 4, the judges weren’t quite as impressed and “Team Hennergy” scored just 21 out of 30 points. Some worry that this may well put them at risk of heading home during Tuesday’s double elimination.

In addition to their pasodoble, Derek will be performing in a special number during Tuesday’s results show that he has choreographed. Hough has been teasing bits and pieces of this special performance via his social media pages the last few days, and this should be an amazing piece. The Dancing With the Stars pro shared via Instagram that over the summer he had been recording a song using just drums when his friend Lindsey Stirling connected with him to talk about a video she was making for her song “Arena.”

As Hough and Stirling talked, they started playing around with him on the drums and her on the violin and their collaboration titled “KAIROS” was the result. Derek is debuting the song on Tuesday’s Dancing With the Stars results show and he will be performing a routine alongside it that includes some DWTS troupe members and outside dancers.

Derek teases that he’ll be playing the drums, doing some tapping, and incorporating fellow Dancing With the Stars pro Allison Holker and some mirrors. Viewers will also see a bit of Argentine Tango in the piece and Hough is clearly very excited for everybody to hear the song he created with Stirling and see the companion performance piece.

Can Derek and Marilu survive the double elimination ahead during DWTS Week? How long do you think “Team Hennergy” can last in Season 23 in the midst of such tough competition?

[Featured Image by Phil McCarten/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images]