Antonia Lopez: Omaha Teen Writes Chilling Facebook Post Minutes After Killing Her Newborn Daughter

Antonia Lopez, a 16-year-old Omaha teen who is accused of killing her newborn baby by throwing her out of her bedroom window, posted a chilling post on Facebook hours after committing the heinous crime, the Daily Mail is reporting.

Authorities confirmed that Lopez, who went into labor late Thursday night and gave birth to a baby daughter while alone in her house, will be tried as an adult for her crime. While the motive for the murder is still being investigated, it is believed that not even Antonia’s close relatives knew about her pregnancy.

John Barcelona, Antonia’s grandfather, told KETV that he had no idea she was pregnant.

“She looked like she was well underweight more than anything else, I would’ve never dreamed that she was pregnant.

“In my head, I just can’t believe it, I can’t believe it.”


The details of the crime are still sketchy, but here is what we know so far.

Police say that after Lopez gave birth to a baby girl prematurely on Thursday night, she threw the infant out of her second-floor apartment window. Some time later, Antonia confessed to her mother what had happened, and reportedly told her she threw the baby in panic, following which the two of them went looking for the infant. Antonia’s mother found the infant in the grass, and attempted to revive the baby by giving her CPR, but to no avail. She then called 911 and the paramedics were shortly at the scene. UNILAD reported that the baby was rushed to Creighton University Medical Center by the authorities but was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

According to Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, Antonia Lopez is being charged with killing her child because the baby was not a stillborn.

“The child wasn’t a stillborn. To be booked on that count, the child would have had to have been born alive.”

Omaha teen accused of throwing baby out of a window.
Antonia Lopez [Image via Facebook/Antonia Lopez]

As troubling as the manner of the death of the child is, what is even more chilling is that Antonia seemed unmoved by consequences of her crime. Almost half-an-hour before paramedics arrived at the scene, Lopez sent out a cryptic message on Facebook, asking someone with a car to do her a huge favor.

“Who can do me a huge favor and has a car?” Lopez wrote at 3:40 a.m. Friday morning. Police refrained from commenting on the meaning of the post.

Another post from January showed Antonia posing with a baby doll with the caption “this thing so annoying” – however it is unknown whether this has any relation to the recent killing. A friend of Antonia’s said on Facebook that she was shocked to discover that her friend had thrown her baby out of the window, but said she was nothing like it.

“Something had to have been going on for her to freak out and do this because I’m telling you, she is nothing like this. I talked to her everyday, like seriously.

“And she might’ve said that baby doll project was annoying but that doesn’t mean she thinks all babies are annoying, so many people in my class said that when they had that project.”

Neighbors said Lopez and her family seemed like a normal American family, and usually kept to themselves. One neighbor told reporters that Lopez often used to greet the neighbors and was a friendly person.

“It makes me feel very disturbed. Just looked like a normal family, normal neighbors, say hi, keep to their self,” Nelson said.

Another report said that Lopez and another teen were accused of shoplifting cellphone cases from an Omaha Walmart store and concealing them in their purses. That incident, which apparently took place last year, led to Antonia Lopez being sentenced to at least six months of probation on charges of theft by unlawful taking and false information. Antonia has a juvenile review hearing for that case scheduled for Dec. 15 of this year.

[Featured Image via Antonia Lopez/Facebook]