‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall’s Group Date Has Some Fancy Footwork And Sexy Moves

Nick Viall went on a group date with seven contestants that involved some fancy footwork and sexy moves. The Bachelor lead and his ladies were filming for the show when they got on stage with The Backstreet Boys during their concert at iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles. E! News reports that the group danced to one of the band’s biggest hits — “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” Nick was the center attraction while the women acted as backup dancers. According to the band, Nick and the women only had one hour to rehearse!

At one point during the concert, the Backstreet Boys selected a contestant for Nick Viall to slow dance with to their hit, “I Want It That Way.”

Band member Brian Littrell commented on Nick’s dance moves.

“Not only is Nick handsome, he can move,” Littrell said.

Becca Tilley and Ashley Iaconetti were also present during the group date to cheer on Nick Viall as he danced with his ladies.

“Nick seemed to have a lot of fun,” a witness told E!. “The girls are definitely into him and definitely wanted to grab Nick’s attention during the group date.”

In other Bachelor spoilers, the first one-on-one date for the season was filmed last week in Newport Beach. Reality Steve blogged that Nick Viall and a contestant went on a boat around the Balboa Peninsula. They later had a dinner date and went on a ferris wheel ride. It was later revealed in another report that the name of the contestant was Danielle.

Mike Fleiss has also been tweeting a series of teasers for Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. He wrote on Saturday that “some Varsity Blues action” happens in Episode 2. He noted to fans that one of The Bachelor contestants is “a dead ringer for Ivanka Trump.”

Fleiss posted some other photos of behind-the-scenes activities taking place, such as some of the cast members eating dinner.

Reality Steve has released seven names of contestants to appear on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor so far. He’s doling out information on a gradual basis as he finalizes their profiles. Among the women competing for Nick’s heart on the show are Whitney Fransway, 25; Lauren Hussey, 30; Lacey Mark, 25; Leila Pari, 23; Kristina Schulman, 24; and Elizabeth Whitelaw, 24. Another contestant brought onto the show is Jasmine Goode, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She was seen on CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. She was photographed in the group date photos of Nick Viall and the other women at the Backstreet Boys concert. If there’s anyone on the cast that can dance, it’s Jasmine! She showed some amazing moves while on Making the Team.

Goode is also a former New York Jets cheerleader and is currently a Golden State Warriors dancer.

It’s too early to say who’s been eliminated at this point in the game. Production is probably just now getting around to Episode 3 taping if they’re not packing up and traveling yet. No early favorites for Nick Viall have been named since no spoilers have leaked on that front.

More Bachelor scoops should come through the pike this week as filming continues this week. There might be a day or two lag time depending on where the cast and crew are traveling. Destinations for this season aren’t known at this time, but there’s sure to be some exotic locations on the itinerary.

The Bachelor Season 21 with Nick Viall premieres on Monday, January 2 on ABC at 8 p.m, ET/PT.

[Featured Image by Albero E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]