ISIS Preps For ‘End Of The World’ At Dabiq: Ancient Prophecy Foretells End Times As U.S. Troops Close On Ancient Town

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) fighters are literally preparing for the end of the world at a little Syrian town called Dabiq, just a few miles south of the Turkish border. In Muslim prophecy, Dabiq is where the “End Times” and the countdown to the end of the world begin.

As The Sun reported this week, ISIS extremists believe that a great battle in a field just outside the town of Dabiq, Syria, will herald in the End Times and the end of the world. In short, Dabiq, for some Muslims, is the Islamic version of Christianity’s Armageddon. In fact, they believe the Prophet Muhammed foretold some 1,300 years ago that “the last hour will not come” until an Islamic army has defeated “the Romans” there. As TruNews explained the End Times prophecy, Sunni Muslims, which includes the extreme fundamentalists of ISIS, interpret the ancient Islamic text as referencing the United States as the modern era embodiment of the Roman Empire.

At present, a contingent of roughly 300 American special forces troops are among the troops advancing on Dabiq, which is just north of Aleppo, which recently saw concentrated attacks by Russian and Syrian agencies that have been condemned by Western powers and Pope Francis himself.

Turkey, which entered the war against ISIS last month, sent tanks into northern Syria a couple weeks ago. U.S. officials confirmed that the Turkish military’s mission was to support a Syrian rebel assault on the town of Dabiq.

The combined forces — Turkish, Syrian rebel, and American — are now said to be within three miles of the small Syrian town, which has a population of just 3,000 people.

Flag of Syria with a knife impaling it
Islamic prophecy predicts the end of the world begins in Syria. [Image by Kagenmi/Thinkstock]

ISIS fighters, reports indicate, are now welcoming the fulfillment of the Islamic prophecy, preparing to attempt to hold Dabiq against the approaching allied troops. Prophecy has foretold that Muslim armies will defeat those amassed against them. The prophecy actually states, according to The Sun, that “nations gathering under 80 flags will confront the Muslim armies.”

Although the entire coalition aligned against ISIS in the Middle East is made up of nowhere near “80 flags,” there are a few dozen. According to Express, the large number has become a confirmation of the prophecy to many of the Islamic State extremists.

Express also quoted a founder of ISIS, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, from an issue of ISIS’ own propaganda magazine, called Dabiq, as saying: “The spark has been lit here in Iraq, and its heat will continue to intensify — by Allah’s permission — until it burns the crusader armies in Dābiq.”

According to the End Times prophecy, a third the Muslim fighters will flee Dabiq while another third will be killed. The remaining third group of Islamist fighters will, against the odds, survive the battle and gain a victory over the Western forces.

Islamic prophecy predicts end of the world
Islamic prophecy says the end of the world starts with a battle at Dabiq, Syria. [Image by HeldB/Thinkstock/Getty Images]

But that’s not what appears to be happening on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria, where ISIS continues to lose territories it has held since its zenith in January, 2015. In fact, a report by IHS Conflict Monitor from July revealed that the Islamic State had lost roughly one-fourth of the territory that it once held in Syria and Iraq when it reached its fullest expansion in January of 2015.

“There are three great signs for the Muslims that signal the end of time. Each of these signs will be a man. The first is the arrival of the Final Mahdi (12th Imam). The Mahdi is coming to slaughter all who will not worship Allah and will not covert to Islam… Mahdi’s final task is to establish the world dominating Kingdom of Islam.”

Thus far, there have been thousands of end-of-it-all prophecies and predictions. Fortunately for us all, the end of the world predictions have — obviously — not come to fulfillment. And the only people who will experience the end of the world when there is a battle for tiny Dabiq, unfortunately, will be those ISIS fighters who die defending it and the allied forces intent on capturing it.

[Featured Image by Oleg Zabielin/Thinkstock/Getty Images]