Halloween Hacks: Easy Decorations And Food For A Night Of Scary Fun

Sarah Field

Halloween is that time of year when it's in to be scary – or creepy, wacky, or just fun. Whether you're a grown-up planning a small get-together or a parent with trick-or-treaters, getting creative with the food and decorations on Halloween night can be an easy task. Since just about anything goes, you have plenty of leeway to make your home guest-ready. Here are some supplies and tips that will help you do it.

Latex Gloves

White, see-through gloves can masquerade as ghost hands, perfect for a scary goodie bag filled with candy. Buzzfeed offers this clever trick: use roll candy to place in each finger so it forms a shape, and fill it up with whatever other candy treats you have. Tie it closed with a ribbon or bow. Give it out to your party guests or, if you are feeling particularly generous or have lots of leftover candy near the end of the evening, your trick-or-treaters.

Pour some water in a glove and put in the freezer overnight. Before party time, cut the ice out of the glove, rinse it and put it in the punch bowl for a ghostly effect. Tip: chill the punch before putting it out so the water stays cold longer and your ice hand doesn't disappear right away.

Latex glove lights are a good way to light up your Halloween doorstep. Place a battery-operated tea light into a round votive holder. Put the glove over the top of the holder so it is snug. Slide a plastic straw between the votive holder and glove and blow it up, as described over at Camilla Fabbri's blog.

Googly Eyes

Googly eyes are the perfect scary touch on many decorations. They turn a glass jar wrapped in gauze into a mummy, as DIY Ready demonstrates. You can also wrap juice boxes in gauze, add the googly eyes, and put them out on your snack table as a monster drink option.

Put googly eyes on ping pong balls, and you've got an easy eyeball decoration. Put them in a bowl as a creepy visitor watching your guests choose their snacks, on the walls, or hidden individually around the room. Give your guests a delightful sight that looks right back!

— HuffPost Canada (@HuffPostCanada) September 25, 2016

It takes just a few minutes to make peering, glowing eyes to put in your bushes. Take toilet paper rolls, cut out two eyes, and put a glow stick inside. Put them in the hedges for your visitors to see – and be seen.

Black Olives

Olives are an easy way to make your Halloween party food appropriate for the occasion. Spear a few with a toothpick and create spider legs. Place a black olive slice on a small hard cheese round, secure it with ketchup, and make mini eyeball snacks.

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Cheese slices are the ultimate Halloween accessory because they are the right color to resemble a jack-o-lantern. Make open-faced burgers with cheese slices cut with the distinct triangle eyes and block teeth of a carved pumpkin.

You can also make cheese flatbread with a carved pumpkin face. Layer cheese on one piece of bread. Cut out the eye, nose, and mouth holes on another piece of bread. Pop in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese, and you have a delicious Halloween-themed snack.

Whatever your Halloween plans, you can use what you have in the house to liven things up and have a little fun. Even beginner party planners can put a unique spin on their Halloween festivities.

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