Justin Bieber, Sofia Richie Split Because Of His Cheating Ways?

Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie are not an item anymore, and it looks like Justin wasn’t really looking for his lady love in Sofia.

Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber were all over the media after the two were rumored to be together. Of course, that led to a very infamous spat with Selena Gomez on Instagram as well, but the gist of it all was that Justin Bieber didn’t really want to be with Sofia Richie alone.

The Gossip Cop quoted OK! magazine as saying that Justin Bieber likes to date several women at a time and that he isn’t exactly into exclusive relationships.

“There’s no chance of an exclusive relationship because monogamy is not the Biebs’ style!” the magazine had reported. It further said that “the 22-year-old told 18-year-old Sofia that he likes to date multiple women at once and if she’s down with it, she can remain in his roster.”

The publication went on to say that when a woman is dating Bieber, the same rules do not apply to him. Which is to say that the lady in the relationship can’t cheat.

“However, two can’t play this game because Justin doesn’t allow his women to see other guys beside him,” the tabloid stated.

That’s right. Sofia wasn’t free to hook up with anyone else.

“This is classic Justin, he’s free to hook up with other girls, but if Sofia so much as looked at another guy he’d go ballistic.”

The article has gone on to say that Richie didn’t mind the arrangement. However, she complained that Bieber was being over demanding.

“Richie is happy with the non-exclusive arrangement, her pals are worried she’s giving into Bieber’s demands way too much, though they claim she’s only with him to boost her music career.

“She’s totally under his spell and thinks he walks on water. Whatever Justin wants from her, he gets. If he says jump she says how high, nothing is up for debate with him and never has been — it’s his way or the highway.”

It seems like it was fair on Sofia Richie’s part to break up. She couldn’t have continued with the kind of limitations Justin Bieber imposes on his ladies.

Justin Bieber has had several hook-up stories. The last one being with Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian. The Inquisitr quoted Hollywood Life as saying that Justin Bieber was hooking up with Kourtney even though she is several years older than him. It looks like age is no bar for someone like Justin. Kourtney was quoted as saying that Justin is a great lover and that the two have a great chemistry. Apparently, his arrangement with Kourtney had caused him some trouble with Selena Gomez as well. However, Justin thought it was better to tell Selena than hide it.

“Justin explained that he is quietly seeing Kourtney Kardashian again,” the insider said.

The Inquisitr had also stated that Justin Bieber was having a lot of fun with Kourtney Kardashian in Miami.

“Kourtney is having a fun holiday weekend with her kids. She keeps enjoying the beach and the pool. She has been hanging out with friends, including Justin Bieber and Larsa Pippen.” It looks like no matter what Justin Bieber does, he is never away from women. Surely, if he wasn’t looking for an exclusive relationship, breaking up with Sofia Richie was the right way to go.

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