South Carolina School Shooting Update: Boy, 6, Dies After Being Shot By Teen Student On Playground

A six-year-old boy has died following a school shooting in South Carolina. The first grader, Jacob Hall, was playing on the playground at Townville Elementary School in Townville, South Carolina when a teen reportedly entered the playground and began opening fire on the students. Jacob lost 75 percent of his blood from the gunshot wound to his leg during the shooting on Wednesday and died from his injuries on Saturday.

The Daily Mail reports that the young victim of the Townville Elementary School shooting in South Carolina, Jacob Hall, has passed away in the hospital from his injuries. The child was shot in the leg as he played on the school playground on Wednesday and was taken to the hospital where he remained in critical condition. However, his mother Renae Hall said the child lost 75 percent of his blood due to the bullet hitting his femoral artery and had suffered brain injuries from the severe blood loss. Dr. Keith Webb of the Greenville Health System Children’s Hospital says that doctors performed a number of surgeries on the child in a bid to stabilize his condition.

“Jacob was shot in the leg. The bullet hit his femoral artery, causing massive blood loss, which led to cardiopulmonary arrest. He has undergone surgery and a number of procedures to try to stabilize his condition.”

Ultimately, Jacob would succumb to his injuries and pass away in the hospital on Saturday.

Speaking to the public following her son’s death, Renae says her son was “an angel” who was placed on earth to show people about forgiveness.

“Jacob was an angel that was brought to this earth to show love, to show kindness, and to show forgiveness. Jacob never had a bad intention ever in his body. We had a bond like no mother and son will ever have. He loved his daddy, he loved to tell stories, he had an imagination that was as big as he was and as bright as he was.”

The mother went on to explain that she has “already forgiven” the 14-year-old teen Jesse Osborne who is accused of opening fire on the children and teachers.

“Jacob was forgiving. What happened to Jacob, Jacob forgives already. He’s in heaven smiling down on us and he’s asking his mommy to be strong to forgive just like he would have.”


According to CNN, authorities believe the teen shooter shot and killed his father before getting in a vehicle with a weapon and plowing into the school playground fence. After crashing the vehicle into the fence, the teen then reportedly opened fire, injuring students and a teacher. Witnesses say that the teen screamed “I hate my life” before opening fire on the students and teachers. Police were called to the scene after a teacher called 911 to report the shooting at 1:45 pm.

The grandparents of the alleged teenage shooter Jesse Osborne says that their grandson called them just minutes before the playground shooting. During the phone call, the grandfather says the teen was crying and mumbling. The grandparents say they were concerned and went to check on the teen at his home. However, when they arrived, the grandparents found their son, the father of the alleged teen shooter, dead from a gunshot wound.

Police believe that after shooting his father, Jesse Osborne took the family’s Dodge Ram and drove onto school grounds before exiting the vehicle and opening fire on the playground of children and teachers. The teen was taken into custody and charged with three counts of attempted murder and one count of murder. However, following young Jacob Hall’s death, it is unclear if the charges will change to include two counts of murder.

During the shooting, teacher Meaghan Hollingsworth and another student were also injured and taken to the hospital. Family members say they are stable and expected to recover.

[Image by Gerald Gambrell/Facebook]