Massachusetts Mom Discovers The Blanket Her Nonverbal Autistic Toddler Uses For Comfort Is No Longer Sold

According to Inside Edition, the heart of Crystal Eldridge, a mother from Massachusetts, sank when she noticed the blanket her nonverbal autistic toddler had used as a comfort since birth was starting to become tattered. Doing what any mother in this situation would do, she started searching for a replacement blanket. Because her 2-year-old was autistic, she really needed a replacement that was the exact same blanket. Unfortunately, this Massachusetts mom quickly learned the blanket had been discontinued.

Parker, a 2-year-old from Massachusetts, is nonverbal with autism. This colorful blanket served as a sense of comfort for the toddler since the moment he was born. TODAY reports that when the Massachusetts toddler had an allergic reaction from a mosquito bite a few months ago, the only thing the toddler wanted was his colorful blanket.

“When Parker’s upset he likes to wrap it around himself or nuzzle himself to it. Every doctor’s appointment it’s there and there’s quite a few. With autism and sensory sensitivity, he becomes very fixated on objects. It’s a source of comfort for him.”

It had been a long time since this Massachusetts mother was giving the blanket as a gift during her baby shower, and she was struggling to find anywhere that still sold the blanket. Naturally, this mom from Massachusetts started to worry about how her nonverbal autistic toddler was going to react if he was unable to use his blanket anymore or had to start using a new one.

Parker’s mother decided to reach out to a woman named Christine Blackmon who started a Facebook group called Delicate Flower. She wanted to see if anyone in the group had the blanket or knew how to find one. Below is the message this desperate mom from Massachusetts sent Christine.

“I have a two-and-a-half-year-old son who is my absolute world. Parker has autism…he is non-verbal and when he is upset and can’t calm down, he snuggles his blanket. This blanket is his everything.”

She begged Blackmon to see if she was able to her and her son out by trying to track down someone who may have this blanket. Blackmon responded to the request by posting the story in her group and asking anyone if they had this blanket and would be so kind as to give it to this nonverbal autistic toddler from Massachusetts.

Just a week and a half after the post was made in the group begging for help, the mother from Massachusetts received two of the blanket that Parker loved so dearly in her mailbox.

Esmeralda Flores Diaz saw the post asking about the blanket on a Facebook page for mothers who live in Galveston, Texas. It was a woman named Traci who saw the original post on Delicate Flower and posted on the mom’s page about it. According to Esmeralda Flores Diaz, the blanket had also been a gift at the baby shower for her son. She, however, was not using the blanket because she had a different, special blanket that her son had been using for comfort.

“Traci came and picked up the blanket from my house and mailed it to Crystal.of us knew each other. My son is only a month apart from Crystal’s son so I can relate. He’s also attached to his blanket.”

Esmeralda Flores Diaz went on to say that being able to help this Massachusetts mom find comfort for her nonverbal autistic toddler was life-changing. Flores Diaz went on to say it was just an amazing feeling to be able to see someone who cared so much about their child and to be able to help her with all the bad things going on in the world.

autism written in playdough

The mother from Massachusetts and her nonverbal autistic toddler also received a blanket from a woman who lived in Florida. The woman worked for a daycare that happened to have the exact same blanket that Parker had grown so attached to.

“I am absolutely overjoyed I got the blanket. Parker doesn’t really notice the difference. I think it’s just the print. It’s a stimulation thing for him. He’s very visual. Now I can rotate and wash them. I just thank the women who helped me.”

What do you think about this heartwarming story of a mother from Massachusetts and her nonverbal autistic toddler? If you had the blanket her son found comforting, would you have sent it to her as well? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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