‘Rob & Chyna’ Canceled After First Season? Kardashian And Blac Chyna Won’t Film Together, Sources Say

Could Rob & Chyna be canceled after just one season? Despite fantastic ratings for the reality TV show, production sources are indicating that the show could be a single-season show.

According to unnamed sources for TMZ, E! executives are nervous to order the show for a second season. That’s because, TMZ reports, Rob Kardashian has become a “hermit” once again, and producers can’t get Rob and Blac Chyna to film together.

E! execs haven’t ordered a 2nd season yet, and a big part of the problem is they can’t get the couple to shoot together. As we’ve reported, Rob’s become a hermit again and we’re told that’s giving the bosses cold feet. Understandably, they’re worried they won’t get a full season out of him.”

The sources went on to report that executives would like to do another season, especially since ratings for the first season have been through the roof. According to the TMZ sources, producers are sure that a second season would bring in high ratings once again, especially given that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have a baby on the way and a wedding on the horizon.

That, coupled with the recent drama between the couple, makes for good reality TV, sources report.

“Obviously, a sophomore season could get huge ratings with so much drama, plus a baby and possibly a wedding around the corner… if Rob’s on board, and we’re told that’s a BIG if right now. Not to mention the season airing now is doing very well.”

Additionally, those working on the show reportedly believe that Blac is made for reality TV, going so far as to call Chyna “TV gold.” According to the report, executives believe that Blac has proven herself and would be willing to work with her on a different project if it comes to that.

If recent reports are any indicating, it just may come to that if Rob & Chyna is canceled. Within the past few days, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have caused quite a stir with their off-screen antics. On Friday, for example, Blac tweeted out Rob Kardashian’s phone number in an effort, she said, to keep other females from texting him.

The phone number tweet came on the heels of a report that Rob and Blac had broken up, and during a Snapchat video, Chyna made it obvious that they were, in fact, still together.

But not without drama. Other reports have indicated that Blac is insisting Rob go to rehab or counseling before their baby girl is born. Historically, Rob has struggled with depression and his body weight.

When he and Blac Chyna got together back in January, Chyna was credited with helping Rob to lose a lot of weight. Additionally, after years of being rather reclusive, Kardashian came out of hiding and back into the spotlight — also at the behest of Blac, sources believe.

But now Rob has fallen back into his old ways, and that has E! producers worried, TMZ is reporting. Obviously, if Rob and Chyna won’t film together there is no show, which means Rob & Chyna getting canceled could become a reality.

What do you think of the reports that Rob & Chyna could be canceled? Have you been tuning in to watch Kardashian and Blac go about their day-to-day lives? Why or why not?

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]