Lacey Spears: Mommy Blogger Who Poisoned Son With Salt Accused Of Making Other Children Sick

Mommy blogger Lacey Spears killed her own son by poisoning him with salt. She has now been accused of making other children sick before becoming a mother herself. Spears was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for the salt poisoning murder of her son.

Lacey Spears may have been suffering from the mental illness known as Munchausen by proxy syndrome, according to some experts who followed the bizarre illness and murder case of Garnett Paul Spears, the Daily Mail reports.

Spears blogged about her son’s health as it deteriorated. She maintains she is not mentally ill and denies killing her 5-year-old son. She wrote about the illness of her son on various social media platforms and on her personal blog, Garnett’s Journey, the New York Daily News, reports.


John Glatt’s book about Lacey Spears, My Sweet Angel, was just released. Glatt paints a very dark picture of the mommy blogger. He claims the deliberate infliction of illness upon children began long before she started plotting her son’s long-term illness, and ultimately, his death.

The My Sweet Angel author maintains Lacey Spears lured three single mothers in Alabama into trusting her enough to allow her to become a caregiver for their children. All of the children she assumed the responsibility of babysitting became extremely sick with chronic ear infections which involved frequent pus discharge, according to Glatt. The author spent 18 months researching the life of the mommy blogger before writing his book. The health of the children all allegedly improved as soon as Lacey Spears was no longer involved in their lives.

Lacey Spears 48 Hours Interview

Garnett Spears was a healthy little baby when he was born, but he quickly began suffering from bleeding ear infections, seizure-like symptoms, projectile vomiting, and digestive issues. The mommy blogger reportedly shuttled her son to 20 different medical care centers over the course of his life, never sharing information about prior treatment with each doctor, according to the Florida prosecutors who put her behind bars.

In 2011, an anonymous call to the Florida Department of Children and Families prompted the agency to open a file on Lacey Spears. The caller shared concerns about her parenting to the dispatcher on the child abuse hotline.

The little boy underwent multiple medical procedures, including having a gastric tube inserted – even though family friends maintained the child had a very healthy appetite. A doctor also performed a procedure to prevent the boy from vomiting.

Lacey and Garnett Spears moved to an organic and natural lifestyle commune in Chestnut Ridge, New York, in 2012. Mother and child were reportedly welcomed to the Fellowship Community, which was home to more than 100 residents. According to the recently released book, the mommy blogger and her sick little boy were showered with affection and attention.


Almost two years later, Lacey Spears reportedly force-fed her son extensive amounts of sodium, causing him to become extremely ill. She took photos of him and posted them to Facebook while the child was being transported to the hospital. Garnett appeared to be on the road to recovery while at the hospital, but then Lacey reportedly took him into the bathroom with her twice and reportedly made him ingest salt several more times.

The 5-year-old boy screamed in pain and retched after the incidents, according to court records. Garnett’s deteriorating health was heavily documented by his mother on Facebook and in her blog. When he was airlifted to a children’s hospital, doctors were reportedly shocked by his severely high sodium levels.

Dr. Carey Goltzman cautioned Spears not to give her son any water while he undergoing treatment to lower the sodium levels. Garnett ultimately stabilized, again. But his respite from the pain was extremely brief.

After the child took a turn for the worse, the doctor found an empty bottle of water underneath his hospital bed. Garnett’s brain had swollen so intensely it herniated inside of his little skull.

Lacey Spears appeared to waste no time either posting about Garnett’s death on social media, or trying to gain access to a PayPal account a friend had established to accept donations to help pay his medical bills.

Assistant District Attorney Doreen Lloyd stated during the Lacey Spears trial that the mother sat back and calmly “watched and waited” for the salt poisoning to take effect and only called for help after her little boy writhed in pain and retched continually.

To this day, Lacey Spears denies any involvement in her son’s death and blames his doctors for not being able to figure out what was wrong with him. Medical tests referenced during her murder trial reportedly prove Garnett was a perfectly healthy child, until his mother poisoned him with salt.

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