Mother Arrested In Toddler’s Slaying: GoFundMe Page For ‘Grieving Mother’ Closed Down, Requests Supervised Visits With Other Child

The mother of RaeLynn Martinez was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in her toddler’s slaying. A GoFundMe page for the “grieving mother” has also been closed down.

Raelynn Martinez, the 11-month-old daughter of Alexa Coria, was found lifeless after police went to her house following a report of an injured child on September 7. When the police arrived, they noticed Coria hysterically crying and the little toddler lifeless and bleeding from the mouth, The Washington Post reports.

Raelynn was rushed to the hospital, but later died. After tragedy struck, Coria started a GoFundMe Page.

“RaeLynn Martinez is the 11 month old daughter of Alexa Coria and Isaac Martinez. Tragedy hit this family this week and we are asking for funds to help out Alexa and her family in their time of need. RaeLynn was the youngest of 3 babies and will be missed dearly.
As a close friend and neighbor of Alexa and her family we are asking for help with funeral costs. All donations will go directly to Alexa Coria herself and is aware this campaign is set up. We thank you for all of your support and donations it is one less stress for their family at this time.”

As many people felt heartbroken after seeing Coria’s story, they started donating. In fact, the page raised over $1000 before people started questioning her credibility after a second GoFundMe page was created on behalf of Isaac Martinez, RaeLynn’s biological father. This GoFundMe page made nearly $4,000, but this also flagged not only the people who donated, but the police as well as the GoFundMe corporation.

Not only did the GoFundMe pages raise suspicion, but Coria’s story changed multiple times, eventually leading to her arrest. She was charged with first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

When the police arrived following the injured child report, she told officers that RaeLynn attempted to climb up her highchair and then fell. Police revealed that when Coria picked RaeLynn up, her arms were very dangly and she was limp. RaeLynn was bleeding from her mouth.

Coria’s boyfriend, Juan Canales-Hernandez, told police that Coria texted him to to come over, then RaeLynn was rushed to the hospital.

The next day, Coria changed her story. She said that she was picking up one of her other children from school when Canales-Hernandez called her and said that RaeLynn was injured.

After Coria told her new story, Canales-Hernandez eventually admitted that he tossed RaeLynn in the air playfully, but she hit her head. When he placed RaeLynn in her highchair, he became frustrated with her and threw a chair at the toddler, which knocked her to the ground.

Canales-Hernandez threw a chair at the toddler, causing her to fall out of her highchair
[Image via nuwatphoto/AP Images]

Canales-Hernandez was arrested on first degree murder charges, child abuse resulting in death, and attempted influence on a public servant.

According to a previous report by The Washington Post, Canales-Hernandez was recently on parole after charges of abuse to his previous girlfriend’s son.

The case was back in 2013. The boy was found with several bite marks and more than 100 bruises. His pancreas was completely torn in half and his liver was bruised.

Coria did not withdraw any of the GoFundMe donations made to her, which were distributed back to the people who donated. GoFundMe states that they take fraud very seriously, in fact, nearly one-in-ten GoFundMe pages are created fraudulently.


Alexia Coria appeared in court for the first time on Friday, according to Coloradoan. The hearing lasted not even five minutes. During the short five minutes, Coria requested that she have supervised visits with one of her children, but her bond prohibits her from having any contact with her children.

Coria posted $10,000 bail and is currently out of jail. Canales-Hernandez is in the Larimer County Jail without bond.

[Featured Image by Larimer County Sheriff’s Office]