Eric Trump’s Foundation: $880,000 Charity Spending On Plastic Surgery, A Donald Trump Painting And Wine Gets Buzz

Both Donald Trump and Eric Trump are making news on Saturday, October 1. According to the Daily Beast, Eric is raising eyebrows because of the reported $880,000 that Trump’s so-called “The Eric Trump Foundation” charity spent at Trump-owned golf resorts. However, Eric claims that all of the Trump Foundation money goes 100 percent toward altruistic causes.

However, those altruistic causes include plastic surgery, a painting of Donald with a blue dog, wine and lavish Trump-owned golf resort spending sprees. The Eric Trump Foundation is headed by Eric — Donald’s third-born child.

The Eric Trump Foundation has paid plenty of money for events at Trump’s golf courses as fundraisers. As a result of the hubbub — and even prior to the Daily Beast reporting their findings — Eric’s foundation’s Facebook page is garnering negative reviews.

Facebook user Bruce Teel reviewed The Eric Trump Foundation and gave it one star on August 25. Teel urged people to give to charities of their choice directly, instead of filtering it through Eric’s foundation.

“More money goes into Trumps’ pocket than to the charity. Save your money and donate directly to St. Jude. Only way to guarantee your money gets to the people who need it.”

Facebook user Feliciano Jose Sanchez also reviewed The Eric Trump Foundation and also gave it one star on September 1, at 8:04 p.m. Feliciano questioned the legitimacy of the five-star reviews on Eric’s foundation’s Facebook page.

“Did you know that this charity isn’t in the charity navigator..because it doesn’t qualify to be…some suspicious stuff here.hmm..these are all bogus. I’ve never never in my life seen five star reviews for anyone..not even Walmart stores or Target. This page has excellent reviews..lmao.”

Although Eric’s foundation claims that they donate from 95 to 100 percent of the donations received, a whopping $188,000 was given directly to a firm of a Trump “family member of the Board of Directors.”

Donald’s foundation has already faced accusations of how his foundation’s donations have been spent — now Eric seems to be facing the same firing squad in terms of foundation donation spending and ethics. The foundation buzz isn’t the only reason Donald has been in the news lately.

[Photo by Ed Bailey/AP Images]

Donald Trump can be seen in the above photo that’s nearly 30 years old. Trump was photographed on May 19, 1988, along with the famous actress Jane Krakowski. Trump was also joined at Wollman Rink in New York’s Central Park that day with other Broadway stars like April Allen and John Schiappa — performers who did not join Trump in what’s being called Trump’s soft porn sex tape cameo.


As reported by Newser, after Trump’s Twitter rant against Alicia Machado included accusations of a sex tape, people dug up Donald’s own appearance in the 2000 Playboy soft porn movie.

Trump is shown in a brief video that’s NSFW, according to BuzzFeed, popping a Champagne bottle. The sex tape goes on to display the ladies naked and smothering themselves in honey, taking baths and more NSFW stuff.

[Photo by Kathy Willens/AP Images]

But it’s Eric’s foundation that is causing buzz like the below comments on social media.

“The crooked apple doesn’t fall far from the rotting tree.”

“The whole family is corrupt.”

“Like father like son, foundation used as Trump bank to pay off bills.”

“Why believe the truth about Trump when you can suspect a Clinton?”

“I don’t think Eric understands the meaning of the word ‘courage’. The whole family seems to want to bastardization the English language.”

“If you think this country has a large deficit now, just let these crooks get ahold of it.”

“Glad they’re putting supporters hard earned money to good use!! Wake the F up Meric.”

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