NASA Footage Shows Mysterious Flying Saucer UFO Sailing Above Earth’s Atmosphere In Space [Video]

Alien hunters claim that footage excerpted recently from NASA’s live ISS stream shows an alien flying saucer UFO sailing above Earth in space. The alleged alien UFO may have entered the Earth’s atmosphere, according to UFO hunters.

Footage from NASA’s ISS live stream uploaded to YouTube on September 27, 2016, by user UFO Sightings, titled “New NASA uncut footage shows clear UFO,” purports to show a UFO flying in space past NASA’s HD cameras on board the ISS.

According to UFO hunters, the flying saucer may have been flying out or entering into the Earth’s atmosphere at the time it was captured on camera. Although most analysts described the mysterious object as disc-shaped, the footage reveals a v-shaped indentation in the rear in contrast with a curved front (see video below).

The footage, according to YouTube UFO hunters, shows clear evidence of alien UFO activity above Earth’s atmosphere.

Enthusiasts debated the veracity of the claim that it provides conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial presence in our solar system and alien UFOs visiting Earth, according to Mirror.

Skeptics tried as usual to debunk the claim that the flying object was an alien UFO. Many suggested it could have been space junk making re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

But a believer pointed out that the object could not have been space junk because space junk and natural space bodies falling under the force of gravity normally spin, rotate or tumble. But the object shown in the video appeared to be stabilized and thus could not have been a natural space body or space junk making re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

“If that was space junk, I would have expected it to be rotating or spinning,” the viewer commented, according to HNGN. “If an object is in a very low orbit, the upper atmosphere is going to cause it to spin, unless it’s made like a dart. This object seemed to be stable. Meaning it…. was a spacecraft, flying under control of technology that stabilized its flight.”

“It could be anything – including extraterrestrial origins.”

“Well I don’t believe there are human planes flying that high above ground.”

Some skeptics wondered aloud why UFO videos tend always to be blurred, thus making it difficult to identify the alleged extraterrestrial craft.

An alien flying saucer UFO near Earth
Alien flying saucer UFO flies above Earth’s atmosphere [Image by 3000ad/Shutterstock]

“OMG! An alien spaceship just entered our planet,” a skeptic commented sarcastically. “Quick, grab our worst possible camera.”

“UFOs entering our airspace should be registered and required to pay for a permit or license and be regulated as to flight paths,” another skeptic joked. “Given the multitude of ‘sightings’ on YouTube the money collected could resolve our national debt.”

The latest alleged UFO sighting is remarkably similar to a sighting first reported on July 9, 2016, by UFO hunter Streecap1. UFO hunters claimed that the footage, taken from the live ISS stream, showed an alien UFO making a stealth incursion into the Earth’s atmosphere.

“NASA seems to have a nasty habit of cutting off their live camera feeds every time a UFO enters the frame.”

In the description of his YouTube video titled “UFO Enters Earth’s Atmosphere,” Streetcap1 acknowledged that the mysterious object shown entering into the Earth’s atmosphere from space could have been a meteor. But a singular reason to suspect that it was an alien UFO was that NASA prevented alien hunters from having a closer look at it by quickly cutting live transmission.

The alien hunter also argued that the object was likely an alien craft because just before NASA cut the video feed, it was seen slowing down and hovering momentarily above Earth’s atmosphere.

UFO Sightings Hotspot agreed with Streetcap1 that NASA would not have cut transmission had the object been a natural space body, such as a meteor.

UFO hunters believe that NASA has a policy of covering up UFO evidence to prevent people from knowing the truth about the presence of technologically advanced extraterrestrial species in our solar system and alien UFOs visiting our planet.

Flying saucer UFO flies over Earth's atmosphere
Flying saucer approaches Earth [Image by 3000ad/Shutterstock]

“At first glance it could be a natural object like a meteor or an artificial object like space junk or a satellite, but what made it interesting was that NASA cut the live camera feed just at the moment the UFO seemed to stop just above earth’s atmosphere,” UFO Sightings Hotspot commented. “If it [was a] recognizable and identified object then there is no reason to shut down the live streaming.”

But other UFO analysts, such as Scott C. Waring, disagreed that the flying object could have been a meteor. Waring suggested on his UFO Sightings Daily that it could have been the Chinese space station Tiangong-1, China’s first unmanned space station, launched into orbit in September 2011.

“I have watched the International Space Station a lot over the last 6 years and I can tell you that this is not the moon, nor a meteor,” Waring commented. “It may be the Chinese space station cargo ship, called Tiangong-1, or the other one Tangong-2.”

Repeated allegations against NASA that it deliberately shuts down live transmission to hide UFOs that appear on its live ISS stream have forced the agency to issue multiple denials, the Inquisitr reported.

Loss of video, according to a NASA official, was usually done to loss of signals from the ISS.

[Featured Image by 3000ad/Shutterstock]