‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Dad Lee Majors Promises ‘A Bloody Good Time’

Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead already has horror fans salivating with promises of more blood and more gore added to the beloved cheesy humor, which made the first season such a smash hit. Now, adding even more ’80s star power, Lee Majors will be joining the Ash vs Evil Dead cast, playing Bruce Campbell’s dad in such a way that fans will get to see just how Ash ended up being so brash and bold. There will also be plenty of references to Lee’s own claim to fame, The Six Million Dollar Man television series. Now, as Ash vs Evil Dead is set to premiere season 2, Majors opens up about bringing his own brand of humor and action to the Sam Raimi-run show.

Ash vs Evil Dead Star Lee Majors On Playing Bruce Campbell’s Dad

USA Today reveals that Lee Majors plays Brock Williams in Ash vs Evil Dead and, coming to the series as Ash’s dad, Lee was most excited about getting to curse in his scenes. Starring on network shows like The Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy, Majors was confined by stricter regulations of what could be spoken and shown, but Ash vs Evil Dead, airing on Starz, has much more lenient rules. Majors says he’s never been free to swear in his previous roles, so it was something new for him.

Speaking of The Six Million Dollar Man, fans will be excited to know there will plenty of references to Lee’s former roles, including a line about getting “better, stronger, faster,” paying homage to Lee’s past work.

There are more differences for Majors, who revealed that he will be getting splattered with blood by his third Ash vs Evil Dead episode.

“I get my first taste of the blood machine. That was unexpected. (Ash is) chainsawing somebody and I get splattered. This little machine is down around your belt buckle and once the chainsaw started, they threw the blood all over me,” explains the Ash vs Evil Dead actor. “I didn’t have a chance to close my eyes — it was up my nose and everywhere else, and you have to stay that way for the next six hours when you’re filming. It’s icky stuff, man. And when it dries, your clothes feel like cardboard.”

Since Majors is playing a dad in Ash vs Evil Dead, it seems obvious to ask the actor who would be a better dad, Colt Seaver from The Fall Guy or Steve Austin from The Six Million Dollar Man. Lee says Colt was more his style because he has a good sense of humor and The Fall Guy character was more in tune with his lighter personality.

“I got to inject a little humor into that show whenever I could, and Six Mill, there was nothing funny about it.”

Lee Loves The Humor Of Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead is Lee Majors’ first time working in the horror genre because, as he tells Fox News, he’s always tried to focus on family-oriented action shows. Coming to Ash vs Evil Dead, the actor says he’s glad that there’s humor interlaced throughout the series, particularly when it comes to shooting the gorier scenes.

“I’ve never done a show with blood and guts and chain-sawing people,” Majors says. “But when you see it and he’s throwing out these funny lines, it takes away from the horror part of it. It makes it fun. It makes it not so visually bad.”

Ash vs Evil Dead had their sights set on Majors for the role of Ash’s dad, so when Lee was contacted about joining the series, he says he sat through all 10 episodes from Season 1. By the time he reached the season finale, Majors was excited to jump on board and become a part of Sam Raimi’s vision.

Majors can’t do those same stunts he pulled off for The Fall Guy, but he says he’s able to visualize the scenes and know which things he can still do. For the rest, he relies on his stunt double. The 77-year-old Ash vs Evil Dead star reveals a bad knee keeps him from doing too much twisting and jumping, but he says he tries to do as much as he can, personally.

“At my age, I’ve learned that there are stuntmen, after not having one for so many years,” says Mr. Majors.

The Season 2 premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead airs on Saturday, October 2 on Starz.

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