Samsung Galaxy Overheating, Battery Drain Fix: Uninstall Oculus App From S7, S7 Edge, And Others

The Samsung Galaxy overheating and battery drain issues may have something to do with a recently rolled out Oculus update, a Reddit community discussion revealed.

On Thursday, Reddit user welcometowoodbury said he experienced overheating and battery drain problems with his Samsung Galaxy phone which he had been using for months.


Reddit user nastyasty echoed welcometowoodbury’s sentiment and expressed his exasperation particularly on the battery drain dilemma.

“Same thing right here. Verizon S7. My fast charger can’t keep up with the battery drain. Did multiple restarts and power offs, wiped the cache, no idea what’s going on. Everything was fine before this morning. Phone is super hot and I’m getting a bit worried.”

Another said that he had no idea what happened when his phone “died” in just 3.5 hours while someone else expressed his worry that his smartphone was about to “go nuclear.”

The problems noted by these Reddit users appear to be the same with issues on replacement handsets for the controversial Galaxy Note 7 that were released in Korea, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The Reddit thread has since grown where Samsung Galaxy users who have devices ranging from Galaxy S6, S7, and S7 Edge report the same thing.

Reddit user nastyasty suggested that the issue may be linked to the Oculus app which has recently been updated. He has since tried removing the app to see if his device improves.

“I uninstalled every Oculus app, restarted the phone, and it was all back again. Uninstalled Samsung Gear VR and everything related, then uninstalled Oculus again, restarted, it’s not reinstalling itself anymore and the CPU usage seems to be reduced. I’m going to charge it up and see if the estimated battery life comes up at all (it’s been showing 2 hours this whole time).”

Reddit user Josh4R3d initiated a separate discussion and suggested uninstalling the Oculus app, which has recently been updated.


After the post became viral, Samsung Galaxy smartphone users have since reported improvement in their devices’ battery life and temperature, leaving everyone to believe that the Oculus app update was really the source of the problem.

Oculus has been informed about the problem with one staff member sharing the following fix, via a community discussion board in their official website.

“You just need to uninstall Oculus Home first, then Oculus Rooms (in that order) and then re-dock your phone.”

According to the staff member, another update with the fix will automatically be installed once the old one has been removed.

However, Yahoo! News found that the update with the fix on the issue has pushed through on its own without uninstalling anything.

“On our Galaxy S7 Edge, an Oculus update pushed itself through when the app was opened, and seems to have solved the problem without uninstalling any apps, so try this first. Additionally, as a precaution, make sure all other installed apps are up to date by visiting the Google Play Store.”

Several reports of Samsung devices that catch fire or burn up out of the blue have emerged since the exploding Galaxy Note 7 became viral online.

Inquisitr previously reported about similar cases involving a Galaxy Note 2 on an Indian flight, and a Galaxy S7 Edge in the Philippines.

To make matters worse, reports of exploding Samsung washing machines also emerged, igniting outcry and fury on whether the company really mass produced their products in line with safety and quality standards.

Meanwhile, Samsung has been trying to conduct damage control by recalling Galaxy Note 7 devices that were launched in August and issuing replacement devices or refunds to users who experienced issues on their devices.

Samsung smartphone users who acquired the Note 7 are still advised to return their devices to the official Samsung retailers and ask for replacement devices or refunds to avoid any untoward incidents involving the handset.

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