Drake, Rihanna Are Cheating On Each Other & Chris Brown’s Downward Spiral

Rihanna and Drake are a couple — that’s what the world knows. It’s become known how Drake poured his heart out at the VMAs. Since then, rumors of their wedding have been swirling. The Inquisitr had reported that Drake and Rihanna want to get married. And not just that, the venue of the hotel has been decided too. The two want to get married in Barbados, Rihanna’s hometown, and the couple is planning to fly the guests in a private jet. In other words, the two are not going to keep any stone unturned when it comes to keeping their guests happy.

While the fans are happy to hear about all this, there are reports that might come as rather disturbing. The Inquisitr has quoted Bossip as saying that Drake might just be cheating on Rihanna with India Love. The publication is also speculating that it might just be over with Rihanna. An insider told Bossip that Drake is definitely seeing India, and said he/she “wasn’t sure how that fits in with his Rihanna situation.”

While fans may not be happy with rumors of Drake seeing another woman, it seems like Rihanna hasn’t been 100 percent faithful either. The Sun had reported that Leonardo and Rihanna were seen leaving the same restaurant, Butter, in New York. This is not the first time Rihanna has been linked with Leonardo Di Caprio.

The Inquisitr had quoted Grazia magazine as saying that RiRi and Leo might just be more serious than they let on.

“They’re not exclusive yet but they’re a lot more serious than they were,” a source told the magazine. “The fact they were so open shows just how far they’ve come.”

The reports earlier had said that the two seemed more than just friends given the amazing chemistry between the two. The source even likened them to “old lovers.”

“There is clearly a lot of chemistry between them,” the insider added. “When the DJ played (Rihanna’s track) ‘Work’ they were fooling around and being very tactile. They kept whispering in each other’s ears. They just had natural chemistry. It was like old lovers meeting.”

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The Leo-Rihanna rumor sure did start some gossip. The Inquisitr had quoted Hello magazine as saying that Rihanna completely rubbished rumors about dating Leonardo Di Caprio.

“It sounds to me like you should stay away from the blogs because they will screw you every time. I’m so busy right now that I just don’t have a lot of time to offer to a man, so it wouldn’t even be fair to be thinking of pulling somebody else into this life. But if I did, he would have to be man enough to live with my schedule and not get scared.”

In the middle of all the cheating rumors that come from Rihanna and Drake, if there is one person who is not happy about any of this, it is Chris Brown. The Inquisitr had earlier reported that the relationship between Drake and Rihanna might just be the reason Chris Brown is losing his cool these days.

The Inquisitr quoted Hollywood Life as saying that Chris Brown does not believe Drake and Rihanna are in love.

“Chris doesn’t believe for a second that his soulmate would tie the knot with her long-term side piece,” an insider said. “[He] ain’t buying that for a minute.”

It looks like Chris Brown needs to accept what’s going on sooner than later. Chris Brown was also being investigated by child custody services. However, Brown said that he took care of his daughter, Royalty.

Do you think Rihanna and Drake are cheating on each other? Are they even a couple? Do you think the Drake-Rihanna relationship is causing their downward spiral? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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