Texas Teacher Fired After Students Share Nude Photos Found On Her Cell Phone

A Texas high school teacher has been fired after students found and shared nude photos of her that they found on her cell phone, The Houston Chronicle is reporting.

The teacher, whose name has not been released to the media, was an independent contractor, as opposed to a regular faculty member. She had been hired as a percussion instructor by the school band’s booster club.

Sometime before September 15, the teacher had lost her phone at the school, according to Maria Corrales DiPetta, a spokesperson for the Katy Independent School District. Some time later, one or more students found it, and they found nude photos of the teacher on the phone. They then shared them with other students. At least four students are known to have been in possession of the nude photos.

School officials became aware of the nude photos on September 15 after a parent brought the matter to their attention. The parent’s son or daughter had seen the nude photos and told his or her parents. Campus police launched an investigation, and school officials later made the decision to terminate the teacher’s contract.

“It was not in her best interest to stay there… She was an approved contractor vendor, but she is no longer on that list.”

The four students who possessed and/or shared the nude photos are all facing discipline as well, according to The Dallas Morning News, although what sort of discipline they will face will not be made public due to student privacy laws.

If the story of a teacher being fired after students found and shared nude photos of her sounds familiar, that’s because almost the exact same thing happened in South Carolina to science teacher Leigh Anne Arthur.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Arthur was a popular Mechanical Engineering teacher at Union County High School until she made the mistake of leaving her phone on her desk in class. When she was called out of the classroom to deal with a situation in a school hallway, a student found her phone on her desk and scrolled through the photos. He then found nude photos of her, took a picture of the photos with his own phone, and then began sharing it with his classmates.

To make matters worse, the student allegedly approached Mrs. Arthur and told her that her “day of reckoning” is coming shortly before the nude photo began going viral at the school.


School officials were less than forgiving towards Mrs. Arthur, who had taken the nudes photos as a gift for her husband on Valentine’s Day and then forgotten that they were even on her phone. Eventually, she says, she was forced out of her job.

Arthur’s students believed that she was a victim of a crime, and started an online petition to get her job back.

“Leigh Anne Arthur is the victim of a blatant attack of her privacy. Personal photographs were illegally obtained by a student and were sent to other students in the school (Union County High). After being escorted off of school property, we (the students) are left to believe that she has been forced to, or given little choice but to resign.”

Some comments on the petition, however, were not on Arthur’s side, saying that she should have known better than to bring nude photos to a place where students could access them, illegally or otherwise.

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