Blac Chyna Drops Bombshell, Orders Rob Kardashian To Rehab Before Baby Is Born?

Did Blac Chyna demand that her fiancee, Rob Kardashian, go to rehab before their baby is born?

According to a recent report from RadarOnline, Chyna is fed up with Rob’s behavior and is ready to withhold access to their daughter once she’s born if he doesn’t shape up.

An unnamed source for RadarOnline said that “a lot of people around Rob want him to go to rehab before the baby is born.”

“If he doesn’t straighten up before the baby is born, Chyna isn’t going to let him be around the baby unsupervised.”

The celebrity news website went on to write, “Chyna told her baby-daddy-to-be that he needs to take a serious look at his actions because he is going to be a father.”

The relationship between the Rob & Chyna stars appears to be tumultuous as of late. According to recent reports, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian split up, leading Rob to gain nearly 50 pounds.

But recent actions from Blac seem to indicate that the couple has not actually split. In fact, on Thursday, Chyna took a page from Rob’s book and tweeted out Rob Kardashian’s phone number. E! Online confirmed that the number was, in fact, Rob Kardashian’s, but the number has since been changed.

Later, on her SnapChat account, Chyna explained her decision to share Rob Kardashian’s phone number with the internet.

“To assure your man is not texting no b******s, just tweet his number out. How’s that feel Rob? How ya feel?…Get your number changed, thank you. To all these females wanna keep texting his phone ’cause they had his number before, talking about ‘you good? You and Chyna good?’ Naw, we good. We good. We straight. All right.”

According to TMZ, Rob and Chyna have been fighting nonstop for the past few months because Rob is concerned that Blac will leave him for a rapper.

According to the unnamed source for the celebrity news website, Rob Kardashian has been uncomfortable with Blac’s previous relationships with Tyga and Future. TMZ reports that Rob has even gone so far as to say, point blank, “You’d rather date a rapper than a fat Armenian.”

TMZ also reports that Rob Kardashian has fallen back into depression and gained back some of the weight that he lost when he and Chyna began dating. In fact, Rob’s depression and weight gain are part of the reason the pair are fighting, TMZ reported.

“As we previously reported, Rob’s spiraled back into depression, and has put on weight while they’ve been on the outs. Their convos these days are tense… especially if Chyna suggests he work out and eat healthy. He takes it as an insult, but we’re told she’s concerned about his health.”

Could his depression and associated behavior be part of the reason that Blac Chyna has reported demanded that Rob go to rehab? The 29-year-old former Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has sought professional help for his issues in the past, even going so far as to leave KUWTK and retreat from the spotlight.

Then he began dating Blac in January, and he seemed to emerge from his reported depressive state. Kardashian began working out again and eating a more healthy diet, and his weight loss was visible. Blac Chyna was credited with much of the transformation.

It makes sense that Blac would want Rob to get help if he is struggling with his demons. According to RadarOnline, Blac is “very protective” of Rob and fears that her demands will make him appear “crazy.”

“She’s very protective of Rob and does not want him to look like he’s crazy. She is protecting him. But she has a baby to worry about and the baby’s father to worry about.”

What do you think of Blac Chyna’s alleged demands that Rob Kardashian go to rehab before his baby is born? Do you think Blac’s demands are necessary? Why or why not?

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