'Mobius Final Fantasy' Celebration Gives Players Special Bonuses All Month Long

Mobius Final Fantasy is celebrating first anniversary with a month-long celebration that includes daily in-game giveaways and free bonuses. The popular game on PC and mobile devices has garnered more than 10 million players across the globe in its first year of service.

What are the anniversary bonuses for Mobius Final Fantasy?

Players can get all kinds of goodies while playing Mobius Final Fantasy this month. Until August 31, they can celebrate with the following special freebies and bonuses:
  • Daily Free Summons – All players can summon a free card each day.
  • Special Login Bonus – Players can also get up to 14 free summon tickets and two Growstars as a bonus just for logging in.
  • 1st Anniversary Stamp – Logging in just once before the month ends will give you a commemorative stamp that can be used in multiplayer battles.
  • Magicite Purchase Campaign – Those who buy magicite can get 50 percent extra with their order. This special is only offered for up to eight purchases per account.
Part one of the "1st Anniversary Greater Summon" is a special event scheduled to run until August 16. During this event, players can perform a "Greater Summon" that has a chance to yield one of six exclusive anniversary cards. Per the Mobius Final Fantasy website, players will get an anniversary card as a bonus each time they perform the Greater Summons. There's no need to worry about duplicates, since a repeat of an anniversary card won't be summoned until all of the new ones have been gifted to the player.

Mobius Final Fantasy Anniversary Card
Anniversary cards in 'Mobius Final Fantasy' feature artwork depicting memorable scenes from the game's first year. [Image by Square Enix]

The Years To Come

With the number of players enjoying Mobius Final Fantasy, its development is likely to continue. Producer Yoshinori Kitase shares his commitment to providing a quality experience in a video message to the fans.
"With Mobius Final Fantasy, we focused on presenting a high-quality game to all players during the past year. We'll continue to maintain this level of quality in the years to come."
Director Motomu Toriyama, Composer Mitsuto Suzuki and Battle Planner Takashi Shiraga also share their thoughts and thank fans for their support. The full video can be viewed below.
For anyone who has missed out on Mobius Final Fantasy in its first year, the team at Square Enix has prepared a handy beginner's guide that explains the mechanics of the job system in addition to the basics of how to play. If you're not sure which job class is right for you, the development team reveals that the most popular choice in the game's first year has been the Solider class.

Mobius Final Fantasy Highlights
There have been five 'Final Fantasy' collaborations thus far, including 'FFXV' and 'FFVII'. [Image by Square Enix]

To see all the updates coming to Mobius Final Fantasy, watch the entire one-year anniversary live stream in the video below.

[Featured Image by Square Enix]