Did Trump Endorse Hillary Clinton’s Ally, Bernie Sanders? GOP Presidential Candidate Claims Sen. Sanders Would’ve Been ‘Legendary’ If He Never Threw In With Clinton

What do a far-left politician and a GOP billionaire have in common? They’re both enemies of Hillary Clinton. It’s not often Donald Trump speaks highly of anyone, let alone someone from the opposing party. So, when the Orange One endorses Bernie Sanders over Hillary, that’s saying something. Trump accused Sen. Sanders of “selling out to the devil” and claimed the Vermont senator’s campaign would’ve been “legendary” if he hadn’t dropped out of the race.

Donald Trump Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump campaigns at the Pueblo Convention Center in Pueblo, Colorado, October 3, 2016. [Photo By Theo Stroomer/Getty Images]

The Bernie Vote

Is Donald Trump starting to “Feel The Bern?” probably not. The Washington Examiner found a very confident Trump saying he could win many Bernie voters because both candidates have similar ideas on free trade. Even Sanders thinks he was conspired against by the Democratic Party. Counterpunch.com mentioned that the DNC partnered with corporate media entities to make sure Clinton received mostly good press.

Trump Vs. Hillary

Why did The Donald endorse Sanders? Was he taking a subtle shot at the DNC? It seems more likely he was instead trying to divide the Democratic Party. Even though he’s dropped out of the race, Sanders still has a very dedicated legion of followers who want him as a write-in candidate.

Additionally, when the Vermont Senator dropped out of the race, he explicitly stated his beliefs that Hillary would make a good president. Perhaps Trump is painfully aware of the fact that a united Democratic party could hurt his poll ratings. The so-called “Alt-Right” movement against The Don is still very much a thing and could be a threat to party unity.

Bern Baby Bern

Sanders was apparently not flattered by Trump’s praise. The Senator took to Twitter to insult Trump, as Huffington Post discovered. The Socialist former Presidential candidate Bern-ed Trump several times, calling him a “hypocrite” for advocating job creation at home while outsourcing his own merchandise production to other countries. The Senator also called the Orange One out for denying climate change as a hoax, and labeled him a “dictator.” Sanders was adamant that his supporters would never vote for The Don.

The 75-year old also mentioned that he and Hillary cooperated on the plan to make college tuition free, possibly the most popular plank of both candidates’ platforms. Meanwhile, Trump has been silent regarding the accusations.

Trump Trumps Sanders

Seeing that his praise wasn’t working, Trump reverted to shade astonishingly quickly. He tweeted out on September 25th that his opponent/ally/opponent “gave Hillary” the Democratic nomination when he “gave up on the e-mails”.

This could be referencing the messages the former Secretary of State leaked while in office or those that confirmed the DNC’s scheme against Sanders. An infographic posted by the Senator yesterday seems a veiled reference to The Don, and expresses the former’s opinion that Billionaires cannot get huge tax breaks while people starve. It pleads, “Your greed has got to end!”


Donald On Dems

The Don also analyzed the events of the DNC, as the Washington Post mentioned. The billionaire thought Bernie looked “angry” and he shouldn’t have dropped from the race when Mrs. Clinton was making her acceptance speech. The GOP nominee also mentioned the huge public support Bernie had and still has from Democratic voters. He seemed to think this indicated a lack of party unity amongst leftists.


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Survey Says….

The rallying cry of democratic voters has been that a vote for a 3rd-party candidate or refusal to vote is a vote in Trump’s favor. Bernie seems to support this idea and has asked his followers several times to rally behind Hillary.

Donald Trump Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders speaks at a campaign rally with Hillary Clinton at Durham University in Durham, NH, September 28, 2016. [Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Currently, Rasmussen Reports has Clinton up by 1, while the L.A. Times poll has Trump ahead by 4. However, Rasmussen accounts for third-party candidates while the L.A. Times does not. In the democratic state of California, Clinton has a huge +26 point lead. Meanwhile, Trump gains a slight edge of +4 in South Carolina (which tends to vote Republican).