September 29, 2016
'Big Brother' Spoilers: New Season Begins With Twists, First 'BBOTT' HOH Competition Scheduled

Big Brother spoilers from opening night include some intriguing moments for fans. Big Brother: Over The Top had its debut episode on Wednesday, September 28, with the 13 houseguests entering the game live. It's the first time that producers have done this, with an eye on doing something a bit differently this fall. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, most of the first episode was spent covering the staggered entrances of the 13 people competing for the $250,000 prize. The BBOTT house already presented its first twist as well.

Host Julie Chen played a small part in the season premiere, taking part in a segment designed for viewers at the beginning of the episode, and then appearing in a video for the houseguests a few hours later. All of the Big Brother: Over The Top episodes will take place online this fall, as CBS will use the live feeds to present nearly all the information about what takes place inside the BBOTT house. This caused Day One to seem a bit disjointed to some fans on social media, as everything played out live and unedited.

Some of the most notable Big Brother spoilers from Day One included sisters entering the house, former houseguest Jason Roy getting another shot, Julie Chen telling everyone that America decides the winner this season, and how little some of the new houseguests seem to understand about how this game is played. There are also some clear alliances that may have formed in the overnight hours, with three houseguests staying up the entire night to begin getting into the strategic aspect of the game much earlier than normal.

The three houseguests who stayed up all night were Jason Roy, Justin Duncan, and Danielle Lickey. Even as they were hanging out by the pool at 7 a.m. PT, the trio was discussing how little sleep they would get before the first Head of Household competition. Production told the BBOTT house that everyone had to get up by 10 a.m. PT and that the first HOH competition would be played at 1 p.m. PT. That's an important note for fans who want to tune in to watch it live on the feeds. For the first time, producers have stated that it will be uninterrupted and unedited for viewers.

For fans who want to take a longer look at the new BBOTT cast, a previous report by the Inquisitr gives bios for each of the 13 houseguests. As for that first twist presented to the houseguests, it has to highlight the Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday night. Two sisters entered the house and pretended to not know each other when introductions were taking place. Just watching them enter live, it appeared that they may not have known each other would be in the game. An immediate problem was obvious, though, as they kept gravitating toward one another on the feeds.

The producers have left it up to Alex Willett and Morgan Willett to decide if they will tell the rest of the house that they are indeed sisters. It didn't help the duo that their photos on the memory wall show some distinct similarities between them. It could also hurt that Jason Roy has returned to the Big Brother house, as he already has inherent suspicions about what could take place in the game. He also may have figured out that they are sisters just from spending a lot of time looking at their photos up close overnight.There hasn't been any drama in the BBOTT house yet, but that could change once the first HOH competition takes place on Thursday, September 29. After that, anything could happen, as alliances never really become clear until someone is put in charge of the game. Following the crowning of the first Head of Household, there are likely to be many new Big Brother spoilers, including how the Safety Ceremony will work with the Over The Top cast.

[Featured Image by CBS]