Man Accused Of Murdering Two Children Wants To Be Released On Bail Before Official Trial

A man accused of murdering two of his children is requesting to be released on bail before the start of his official trial. An ex-constable, Albertus Ganeb, is scheduled to start his trial in less than three weeks, Namabian reports.

The 31-year-old ex constable is accused of stabbing and killing his two children, 7-year-old Tertius Romeo Shaun Swartz and 4-year-old Gregory O'Grady Holmes Swartz back in April 2014.

The older child was stabbed 4 times and was dead at the scene. The younger child was stabbed 6 times and died on May 1 at the the hospital.

On two occasions, one in October 2013 and another in 2014, Ganeb is also accused of assaulting his the boys' mother, Romilly Swartz.

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Ganeb spent 18 months in police custody until he was released due to the charges being dropped by the Magistrate's Court. The Magistrate refused to allow the case to be postponed again so further investigation could be conducted.

When the charges were revived, Ganeb was sent back to jail and has been in custody since.

Afrika Jantjies, Ganeb's defense attorney, and deputy prosecutor general Antonia Verhoef argued that Ganeb met the requirements to be released on bail and that he has proved that he is unlikely to interfere with witnesses or tamper with evidence while out on bail.

Verhoef reminded the judge that there is enough substantial evidence against Ganeb to refuse his request for bail. Prosecution had evidence that Ganeb contacted Swartz and police colleagues to admit that he had just killed his two sons after a knife attack. Further, Ganeb stated that he was looking for Swartz next, then planned to take his own life.

Jantjies argued that Ganeb should have never been rearrested. Rather, Jantjies said that Ganeb should have simply been summoned to court and should have been remained free on a court warning.

Verhoef argued that Ganeb would be a "flight risk," and would be pose a safety risk against Swartz, whom he had threatened to take her life.

The court also heard reports that Swartz was involved with another man right before Ganeb murdered his two children. With his court hearing scheduled for October 24, Verhoef urged the court to deny Ganeb's bail request.

"With his trial only weeks away, it is scheduled to start in the Windhoek High Court on 24 October. It would not be in the interest of justice to grant bail to Ganeb now."
Namibian Sun revealed further details on Ganeb's assault charges, which were filed against him by Swartz. In October 2014, Ganeb used his fist to punch Swartz in her face. A second assault took place prior to the murders of her two children when Ganeb used a police baton to hit Swartz over the head.

Namibian Sun also revealed disturbing details on the murders of Ganeb's two boys. On the night of April 25, 2014, Ganeb had his two boys in his care. Ganeb attacked his 7-year-old, stabbing him four times in the head, in which he died immediately of multiple skull fractures.

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Ganeb then stabbed his 4-year-old six times, some in his head and some in his body. He was rushed to the hospital at Gobabis and was eventually transferred to Katutura State Hospital where he died as a result of his injuries.

Acting Judge Usiku said that a ruling on Ganeb's bail application will be available on Thursday, Newera reports. According to Verhoef, Ganeb will not only be a threat to Romilly Swartz, but to the general public, as well.

Jantjies argued that rearresting Ganeb was against the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA), which states that a criminal cannot be rearrested after the Magistrate withdraws the charges.

An update will be provided once Judge Usika makes a decision on Ganeb's bail application.

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