Kenya Moore Still With Matt Jordan And Friends With Phaedra Parks? Social Media Posts Provide Clues

Are Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan still together? Are Kenya and Phaedra Parks actually friends now? Many The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers likely have those two questions in mind after Bravo released the preview for the upcoming ninth season. The preview shows Kenya and Phaedra hanging out and joking with one another on more than one occasion. It also shows Kenya tearfully confiding in Phaedra about some of her relationship drama with Matt, who Kenya says has been behaving erratically and even once kicked down her hotel room door. Matt was also shown angrily questioning Kenya about her whereabouts and was caught on security camera breaking her garage door windows.

After the preview was released on Wednesday afternoon, Kenya provided the answer to at least one of the questions. In response to one viewer who expressed surprise that Kenya and Phaedra are now friends, likening them to The Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Judge and Gretchen Rossi, who went from enemies to friends and then back to enemies during their time together on the show, Kenya replied that she and Phaedra started as friends. Kenya teased that people will just have to watch what happens between her and Phaedra.
Kenya's statement that she and Phaedra started as friends seems to imply that their friendship didn't last the entire season. Even if Kenya's friendship with Phaedra didn't last very long, the fact that they were even friends at one point is quite surprising, given the level of animosity between the two throughout the previous seasons. Ever since Kenya joined the show in the fifth season, she clashed with Phaedra. The two got especially heated with one another when Kenya seemingly flirted with Phaedra's husband, the now-incarcerated Apollo Nida. Apollo, in turn, didn't seem to mind the attention that he was getting from Kenya.

During the Season 5 reunion show, Kenya said it was Apollo who initiated texts with her outside of filming the show. Trying to defend himself, Apollo accused Kenya of offering to perform oral sex on him when they were both in Los Angeles at one time. Apollo continued his claim into the sixth season. Throughout the seasons, Phaedra called Kenya nasty names, including a "barren" woman with "scrambled eggs," a "wh**e" and a "s**t."

On Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Apollo Nida actually admitted that he lied about Kenya Moore offering to perform oral sex on him. Yet Phaedra Parks still wasn't convinced that Kenya wasn't a bad person. Phaedra speculated that perhaps Kenya somehow got Apollo to lie for her and Apollo agreed to do so since their own marriage was crumbling. On Season 8, Phaedra and Kenya didn't have as much drama with one another, although Phaedra did at one point make fun of Kenya's appearance by calling her "oatmeal pie face" in a confessional interview. Later on in the season, Phaedra and Kenya even had a tearful heart-to-heart in which they seemed to agree to forget about the past and move forward with one another.
As for Kenya Moore's current status with Matt Jordan, with whom she was shown in a loving relationship with last season and even wanted to have children with, it seems that it's over, or at least very complicated. Right before the season preview was released, Kenya posted a photo of herself to her Instagram account and wrote that "anything worth keeping is worth fighting for."
Just two weeks ago, Matt posted a comment to his Instagram page that suggests that he and Kenya couldn't work through their issues and aren't even in touch anymore. In response to a photo that he posted, a viewer told him to go get Kenya, who misses him, back. Matt questioned how the person knows this for certain.
"akuasaa60: Matt go get Kenya. She misses you sooomuch."

"mattjordanbrand: @akuasaa60. How do you know for certain?"

Just eight weeks ago, Matt posted a lengthy message on his Instagram page in which he defended Kenya. Matt admitted that while he was upset with Kenya at the moment, he wanted people to stop calling her names. He denied that Kenya used him as a story line for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, pointing out that if she didn't have real feelings for him, she would have ended things with him a lot sooner. Matt wrote that Kenya actually saved his life on at least three occasions over the past two years and has even "jumped on grenades" for him.

Matt also hinted that viewers will see a bad side of him on the upcoming season by stating that he was using his platform to express his opinions before he is "viewed in a different way on television." Matt also mentioned incidents that he's "too embarrassed to even talk about" at the moment. Perhaps he was referring to the moments, as shown in the preview, when he got physical?

In June 2016, as Bravo's The Daily Dish reported, Kenya admitted on Instagram that she and Matt were "having some issues but there is no question [they] have love for one another." She asked that the public give her privacy. That post has since been deleted.

Viewers will begin to see what happened between Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan, as well as between Kenya and Phaedra Parks, when Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres on Sunday, November 6.

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