Rihanna New Tattoo And Female Tattoo Artists A Growing Trend

Female tattoo artists such as Lina Stigsson and Angelique Houtkamp were very popular this past month as tattoo fans gathered in London to open the Eighth London International Tattoo Convention. According to Lina Stigsson, who was interviewed by guardian.co.uk, there has “been a huge increase in the number of female artists in the past five years. It’s a hugely progressive industry in terms of gender equality.”

They explain this growing popularity:

The number of tattoo parlours in Britain has almost doubled in the past decade, and in that time both genders have been attracted to what can be a lucrative profession. And with 20 million of the 62.6 million of us in the UK inking our bodies, the aesthetic of beauty is shifting. When talk turns to tattooed celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Rihanna, everyone agrees that they have helped the business: “People think, ‘If she can get one, I can too.’ They make tattoos real.”

Across the pond popular reality TV shows like Miami Ink and its LA, NY and London counterparts have showcased women as some of the main stars. Female tattoo artists like Kat Von D create art that is more attractive to women. Many women also feel more comfortable when it’s another woman doing the artistry.

A good example is Rihanna’s new tattoo of the goddess Isis which is directly underneath her breasts. Rihanna was spotted in a London tattoo parlor sporting her new tattoo. She tweeted an Instagram photo of her new tattoo, which featured the Egyptian goddess Isis kneeling down with its wings spread out underneath Rihanna’s breasts. The art is intended as a tribute to Rihanna’s grandmother, who died in July. While Rihanna might not be shy about showing the world her new tattoo in all its detail, or allowing a man to create it, many women may not.

Unfortunately, there’s a dark side to females being attracted to tattoos. A northeastern Indiana man is charged with child molesting and possession of child pornography. 29-year-old Jason Schwartz of Butler lured girls between the ages of 13 to 15 with the promise of “free tattoos”. In exchange he solicited sex, nude photos, and money.

While there is a dark side fortunately this type of behavior is few and far between. For everyone else we can just admire the art laid down on the beautiful tapestry we call women.