September 29, 2016
Miley Cyrus Gets 'High' On 'The Voice' Amid Blake Shelton, Adam Levine Feud, May Quit 'In Tears'?

Miley Cyrus surprised fans of her delightfully wild child ways when she announced she was joining The Voice as a coach. And some were concerned that their "Wrecking Ball" queen would be forced to tone down her style and change her quirky behavior. But rather than alter herself for The Voice, Miley is just being herself, recently even hinting at getting high while filming the show.

Cyrus, 23, loves yoga and music, but according to Hollywood Life, she also has become known as a "weed-smokin' hippy." So when Miley is working on The Voice, she finds ways to stay true to herself that, based on a recent interview, are being interpreted as a confession that she is high while filming the show.

Miley Cyrus challenges the other coaches on
Miley Cyrus challenges the other coaches on "The Voice." [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF]

"When you don't turn the chair for somebody, it's so confrontational, and I'm really not confrontational," noted Cyrus in the interview.

"I get really embarrassed and I'll make it my fault—like, 'I don't know! I was high! I forgot to turn my chair!'"
Although she was joking about her antics on the show, there have been some reports that it's not all laughs when it comes to how the seasoned coaches, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, are behaving toward Miley.

For the first time this season, The Voice brought on two new female coaches, with Alicia Keys joining Cyrus. Some thought there might be cat fights between Alicia and Miley, but has The Voice stage been the scene of bullying from both Blake and Adam, with Cyrus as their target?

Is Miley Cyrus in the midst of a feud on
Is Miley Cyrus in the midst of a feud on "The Voice"? [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for The General]

Shelton and Levine have teamed up to bully Miley, according to a source cited by OK. Even though Cyrus has been "left in tears" by the feud with Blake and Adam, however, she's doing her best not to quit, added the insider.

"[Miley] refuses to be beat by the old men."
In addition, the source revealed that Cyrus has "been in tears" while working on The Voice because Adam "constantly picks on her." The alleged bullying didn't stop there, however, because Levine also recruited Shelton to "gang up" on the "Wrecking Ball" singer.

The feud reportedly has gradually been escalating, with Adam nitpicking "almost every single thing" that Miley says, and the two "at each others' throats," added the insider.

"Adam and Miley were non-stop bickering during their last taping together."
It's gotten "so bad" that Cyrus has even threatened to quit The Voice, according to the source.
Miley has succeeded in luring some of the most promising wanna-be musical stars to her Voice team, but she's also suffered through some bitter battles with Blake, pointed out Cosmopolitan.

Shelton has criticized Cyrus for her skills in speaking quickly and constantly. Given the opportunity to address the viewers with a camera confessional, Miley took it to defend herself.

"[The other coaches] can make fun of me for talking fast, but I think people can feel my enthusiasm."
Cyrus also has fought back directly when it comes to her feud with Blake. One scene shown on The Voice featured Shelton giving the "girls" (the country crooner's name for Alicia and Miley) some of his merchandise. Cyrus got sassy, questioning Blake as to why he used "I ❤️ BS" on his swag. Shelton was speechless at her shade.

While praising a competitor, Aaron, Miley also had a battle with Blake, who brashly interrupted her to inform her that she was speaking too loudly. Shelton then proceeded to pull out a megaphone in an attempt to outdo Cyrus's speaking voice.

Miley called Blake a bully, triumphing in that fight when Aaron chose her. She also hopped onto the stage, displayed her lingerie by opening up her jacket, and, just to finish up that battle round, punched Blake in the ribs as she walked backstage.

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