Kaley Cuoco On Why Ten Seasons Of 'Big Bang' Is Enough, Says Karl Cook Was 'Meant To Be'

Kaley Cuoco thinks 10 seasons of The Big Bang Theory is "enough," according to The Wrap. The 30-year-old actress, who has played Penny for 10 seasons, doubts that another season of the CBS hit comedy would be a rational choice.

Kaley Cuoco appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show to promote what is considered to be the last season of The Big Bang Theory, Season 9, which premiered on CBS on September 18.

Kaley Cuoco admitted that playing Penny for 10 seasons is probably enough, and added that she has doubts about whether she would reprise her role in a potential Season 11, explaining that it's "a very expensive question... for a lot of people."

Kaley Cuoco also added that she measures those 10 seasons in hair and denim sizes, and there have been lots of both.

"Ten years, come on! All of my 20s. I went from like, hot, to like, 30. I was 21 when I started this show."
Kaley Cuoco sure knows the definition of love, according to ET Online. The actress and many other The Big Bang Theory stars were interviewed as part of the new featurette for the CBS comedy's Season 9 DVD and Blu-ray set.While most The Big Bang Theory stars couldn't find the right answers off the top of their head, Kaley Cuoco immediately admitted that she didn't know the answer and added a nervous laughter. But doesn't she know the definition of love, really?

Kaley Cuoco looks like the happiest girl in the world with her equestrian boyfriend, Karl Cook. Just this summer, the actress posted an Instagram picture of herself and Cook, giving a horse a cute smooch.

Even though Kaley Cuoco and Cook started dating only this year, their romance looks more serious than ever. In fact, in her interview with ET, The Big Bang Theory actress said Cook is "special."

"He's special. I think that the horse connection is special. Yeah, he's special."
Kaley Cuoco divorced her now-ex-husband Ryan Sweeting earlier this year, but the fact that she found her new love so fast doesn't mean they don't sincerely love each other, according to E! Online.In her recent interview on The Talk, Kaley Cuoco had a few sweet things to say about her boyfriend. The actress admitted that meeting at a horse show seems like the perfect place, adding that she finally found her "horse guy."
"I know. It was meant to be."
Kaley Cuoco surely had tons of sweet things to say about Cook, describing her boyfriend as "an amazing, amazing rider and jumper," and an "amazing equestrian and great human." And their passion for horses and other animals is one thing that allowed them to bond so quickly.
"We share obviously our passion for horses and dogs and all that. And it's been lovely. So great."
Kaley Cuoco also admitted that before meeting Cook, she had thought her love life was over. In fact, she thought she was done with dating after the divorce from tennis player Ryan Sweeting in 2016.
But it didn't take much time for Kaley Cuoco to realize that she would eventually find someone she would truly fall in love with, and she knew that "the right thing" was coming for her. The Big Bang Theory actress admits she felt as if she saw "the light somehow" and that's how she managed to pull through her divorce.
"We all go through these things, but a lot of people don't see everyone's personal life played out."
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