Expedia Confirms Support For Gay Rights With Heart-Warming Ad [Video]

Expedia (you know it from the jingle) has made public its support for gay rights with a touching and poignant ad depicting a loving father and his journey to attend the wedding of his daughter … a wedding in which she’ll marry another woman.

The video is titled “Find Your Understanding,” and it tells the story of retired business owner Artie Goldstein on “a journey that will test him, challenge him, and ultimately change him.” That journey? The path to acceptance regarding his daughter Jill’s decision to marry her partner, Nikki.

“You always have great expectations for your children. My expectations of what Jill’s life was going to be included a husband.” Goldstein says. “When Nikki came to ask permission to marry our little girl, that startled me. I told her, ‘This is not the dream I had for my daughter.’ I didn’t say yes, I didn’t say no.”

Then later, as the two dance together at the wedding, Jill says, “I dreamed of this dad… I mean it.” He replies, “So have I… So have I.”

Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told The Huffington Post that he’s proud of the ad. “At the heart of Artie’s story is the idea that travel is deeply personal,” Khosrowshahi said. “We’ve built our entire brand behind that idea.”

Expedia has come out in support of gay marriage before, having backed Referendum 74 (which would legalize same-sex marriage in Washington State) last month. Oreo, Amazon, and Facebook have also come out in support of same-sex marriage over the past several months.

Oh by the way, the couple featured in Expedia’s video are a real couple, not actors. On their Facebook page, they thanked Expedia for “telling our story and partnering with us in the voice for marriage equality.”

Here’s Expedia’s ad, in which they confirm their support for gay rights: