Three New Jersey Teachers And Two Administrators Suspended In Student Sex Scandal

Five New Jersey educators were suspended amid a sex with students scandal. Three are accused of actually engaging in a sexual relationship with students; the remaining two found themselves in hot water for allegedly covering up the inappropriate encounters. Three male teachers and their female students were exposed in the sex drama. The high school principal and vice principal are accused of covering up the alleged illicit affairs.

Six months ago, a student supposedly told Triton High School Principal Catherine DePaul a very upsetting story about a classmate who was having sex with her teacher. The student claimed she had read the explicit text messages exchanged between the teenager and the teacher, the Daily Mail reports.

New Jersey prosecutors claim a cover-up was put in motion after the initial meeting with the high school principal. The twisted web eventually unraveled and resulted in multiple charges being filed against the three teachers and the two administrators. Charges levied against the high school educators include official misconduct, sexual assault, and child endangerment.

The teachers accused of having sex with students include Dan Michielli, 27, Nick Martinelli, 28, and Jeff Logandro, 32. Principal DePaul and Vice Principal Jernee Kollock face charges related to the alleged cover up. The teachers face at least a five-year prison sentence if convicted, according to Philly.Com.

Camden County Prosecutor Warren Faulk had this to say about the high school sex scandal:

“These charges constitute individual, personal, moral, legal, and ethical failure.”

Faulk noted that rape charges could not be filed because the girls involved said the sex was consensual and were 17 and 18 at the time the alleged incidents occurred.