Justin Bieber Gets Snotty, Sneezes On Fans After Telling Some Beliebers: ‘You Guys Suck’ [Video]

Justin Bieber is known for having a fan base so loyal that his followers have earned their own name as Beliebers. But believe it or not, some are questioning whether Bieber is as loyal to his fans as they are to the prince of pop music. A case in point, Justin recently sneezed profusely on some very unlucky front row fans.


The Biebs is human, of course, and sneezing is just a part of life. Unfortunately, when it happens in the midst of a Bieber concert and causes a fan to get drenched, it also becomes part of a video-worthy moment.

Justin’s impressively big sneeze occurred during a concert in Finland on September 26, reported Hollywood Life. Those in the front row became the recipient of his DNA in the form of his snot.

Those wishing they had been able to watch the moment (without getting drenched) now can, courtesy of a fan who captured it on video.

The snotty episode comes in the wake of a scene in which Justin reportedly snubbed some fans, telling them that they “suck” when he was on a tour stop. That video, which went viral, shows some of his Norwegian Beliebers hopefully yelling Bieber’s name as he walked by.

Justin seems to ignore the fans completely, instead reportedly throwing shade as he keeps right on walking.

“You guys suck.”

The fans are heard saying “awww” as he ignores them.

Bieber appeared to make the rude remark to the fans when he was visiting Norway as part of the European leg of his Purpose World Tour, reported the Mirror.

Some of his followers were waiting for him to walk past, with one fan filming him on a phone. That Belieber began to gush about Justin, attempting to say hello. That was the point where Justin reportedly became angry and made the comment that “you guys suck.” The upset crowd was then heard expressing their disappointment.

Justin Bieber is currently in the midst of his tour.
Justin Bieber is currently in the midst of his tour. [Image by Victor Fraile/Getty Images for Calvin Klein]

The alleged snubbing of his Beliebers comes in the wake of a Munich, Germany incident. Bieber was at a nightclub following what the Mirror describes as a “wild evening with his entourage.” He was trying to get through a packed group of people when a mystery man seemed to lunge at the “Sorry” singer, trying to grab Justin’s shirt.

As the scuffle took place, a female barmaid sporting a fancy German outfit succeeded in playing the role of hero and rescued Bieber. He reportedly was shoved by the man, but stayed calm and was guided out of the popular nightclub by the heroic barmaid, while his security team handled the attacker.

It hasn’t all been bad news for Bieber during his travels, however.


Justin once revealed that the constant requests for autographs and selfies made him feel as if he were a “zoo animal.” But he set aside those feelings to spend time in a Berlin park with a group of youngsters, pointed out the Daily Mail.

Justin Bieber took time for some young fans.
Justin Bieber took time for some young fans. [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

The “Sorry” singer, 22, had nothing to feel sorry about as he showed off his basketball skills in the park after his performance at the city’s Mercedes-Benz Arena. A trio of youthful fans seemed unaware of Bieber’s previous indications that he wanted to be left alone when he appeared in public. And Justin set aside those feelings to spend time with his little fan club, chatting with them and even giving one young boy a happy high five.

Although Bieber reportedly enjoyed socializing with the youngsters in Berlin, he previously wrote on Instagram (prior to exiting the social media platform) about his decision to no longer fulfill requests from fans for photos.

“If you happen to see me out somewhere know that I’m not gonna take a picture I’m done taking pictures,” wrote Justin.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]