Double Victory For Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo: Will KBS Finally Reconsider ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Season 2?

Days after Song Joong Ki was hailed as the Most Influential Person in Korea’s entertainment industry, Song Hye Kyo is now enjoying the Goddess of Asia title after winning a competitive online pageant hosted by China. The couple continue to charm fans across the globe months after Descendants of the Sun has ended. Since the “SongSong Syndrome” appears to be far from over, will KBS finally cave in to Descendants of the Sun Season 2 requests?

Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo
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It was previously reported that the show’s director, Lee Eung Bok, resigned from the network and transferred to tvN. The drama’s scriptwriter, Kim Eun Sook, also made the similar move. Both are reportedly working for the network’s upcoming project, Goblin.

The transfer of the show’s pillars isn’t enough to dampen the spirit of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s fans. Some say that Descendants of the Sun Season 2 can still push through but with a new creative team. As the fate of the show’s continuation remains unknown, fans devote themselves to supporting the couple in various channels.

Descendants of the Sun couple
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Song Hye Kyo’s victory can be credited to hardworking loyalists who have spent days campaigning for her. Although the title befits the Endless Love actress who has captivated many with her angelic beauty and grounded attitude, winning the poll wouldn’t be possible if not for her fans. In the end, their sleepless nights paid off because she won against China’s very own Zheng Shuang by a little over 600 votes.

The Goddess of Asia title will be Song Hye Kyo’s for one year. She is expected to grace the cover of a prestigious Chinese magazine to celebrate her triumph.

Song Joong Ki’s recent win, on the other hand, was courtesy of The Daily Sports, which compiled a list of the country’s most iconic personalities in the entertainment industry. The newspaper asked a total of 150 industry movers to select the personalities who they thought made the most impact in the past year.

An online poll was then rolled out, asking online users to vote for the chosen personalities. The actor nabbed the top spot with 318 points. Descendants of the Sun scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook followed at second place.

Despite his fame, Song Joong Ki remains kind, according to testimonies from several celebrities who have witnessed his generosity. Soompi likewise reported that during one of his Asian fan meets, the actor revealed that everything’s still surreal for him.

“It’s very flattering and there are still moments that seem unbelievable to me. I felt that I have been receiving so much love, and I’ve spent these times worrying about how I should give back this love to all of you.”

Earlier this year, he told Harper’s Bazaar that it amazes him how people from other cultures continue to love Descendants of the Sun. Although he believes that he will never get used to being deemed a Hallyu star, he said he’s grateful.

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are now vying for another prominent award: the “Best Couple” title at the upcoming 2016 APAN Awards. The ceremony will happen on Oct. 2 at the MBC SangAm Cultural Square in Seoul.

The pair, also fondly referred to as “KiKyo,” are competing with couples from other renowned dramas such as Doctors, Another Oh Hae-young, and W.

Meanwhile, fans yearning to revisit the charming scenes of Capt. Yoo Si Jin and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon can resort to the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the director’s cut of Descendants of the Sun. The new compilation features unseen footage from the beloved series. KBS decided to launch the project because of the fans’ unwavering support.

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