Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey Fued Continues, Carey Allegedly ‘Blindsided’ Rap Star

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey’s feud continues to drag on as a new rumor claims that Mariah Carey started the fued by “blindsiding” her co-hosting judge.

A source tells E! News that there was “always hostility” between the two judges despite the fact that other reports claim the two women got along at first.

The source adds:

“Mariah made it clear that she wanted to be the only woman on the [judges’] panel. And Nicki felt Mariah was being passive-aggressive with comments toward her.”

If the story is true, Mariah Carey was seen by Nicki Minaj as a control freak who was attempting to relegate her to a second rate judging position.

After putting up with Mariah Carey’s attitude for long enough, a clip leaked this week in which Nicki Minaj threatened to “knock [Mariah] out” while adding, “If you’ve got a f–king problem, handle it!”

After that video brought some negative publicity to the show, both women reportedly sat down with show producers and promised to move forward with a positive attitude.

Nicki reportedly felt blindsided when Mariah Carey told Barbara Walters that Nicki claims she would shoot her if she had a gun. Nicki denies that statement ever happened.

I almost feel bad for Randy Jackson and Keith Urban, the only two human barricades for what could turn into a live television cat fight if the two ultra-egos are not kept in check.

I have a feeling both women played their own parts in escalating a battle of words and fists; after all, they have both proven on various occasions how big their egos can be when left unchecked.