Are Ryan Lochte, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Parting Ways?

In the past, Dancing With the Stars has had controversial contestants, but it seems that Ryan Lochte is winning the gold medal in that event, too. Lochte came in under a cloud, just on the heels of his problems with the police in Rio after winning swimming medals in the Olympics. Now, especially since protestors rushed the DWTS stage, there is allegedly friction between Lochte and the rest of the cast.

Before heading to Rio for the Summer Olympics, Ryan Lochte made news when he claimed he was looking for love on Tinder, according to the Inquisitr. But since his return, he seems to have a full-time girlfriend, Kayla Rae Reid, a Playboy Playmate, and no time for Tinder. Reid has been supportive of Lochte, but does anyone else on DWTS want him to stay, and is he really ready to go?

Ryan Lochte and his partner, Cheryl Burke, seem to be having a rough go of it, and allegedly, he is ready to bail on DWTS, says Radar Online. Photos of Ryan Lochte leaving practice with his head down painted a picture of a man defeated. Ever since the two protesters rushed the stage, the rest of the cast of DWTS have expressed their discontent about the tumult Lochte brought to the show.

Lochte’s dance partner, Cheryl Burke also allegedly has issues with Lochte, because she feels that he has given up.

“Ryan and Cheryl have been fighting because it seems like Ryan is not putting in the same effort that Cheryl is.”


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The protestors that scared everyone, and created a security risk on DWTS seemed to take the last bit of energy out of Ryan Lochte, and he started to talk about quitting.

“It is almost as if he seems defeated already. Like he’s given up. Indeed, he recently admitted that he wanted to quit, but Burke talked him out of it!”

Lochte’s partner, Cheryl Burke feels that she has something to prove after leaving DWTS to work on another project, and then returning when it didn’t work out as planned. Burke really wants to win and needs a partner who will help her get the mirror ball once again.

“The two of them together are just sad and they are so desperate to stay relevant. It’s already gotten to the point where a lot of people in the cast are just hoping that they will get cut.”

But Cheryl Burke expressed different thoughts to People, saying that Ryan Lochte is going to stick it out, but that he is having a bad case of the nerves. Burke says that she believes Lochte is doing very well, considering all of the external stresses he is processing.

“He was shaking and said to me, ‘My legs are shaking. I don’t know what’s going to happen.’ All day I felt his energy because I knew that he thought that he was going to be the one going home, so I think he’s thankful and grateful for everyone who voted. He really isn’t ready to go home yet – he’s put in a lot of time and heart into the show, and he really deserves people giving him a chance.”

Burke says that she now has the opportunity to have Ryan’s back, and lift him up when so many things are dragging him down.

The two protestors who rushed Ryan Lochte on the stage had an appointment with the judge today and are now facing additional charges according to TMZ. Sam Sotoodeh and Barzeen Soroudi are charged with leaving a spectator area and entering upon a stage, as well as interfering with a performance. Both charges are misdemeanors, but mean the men could face six months in county jail and a thousand dollar fine.

Do you think that Ryan Lochte will remain on Dancing With the Stars after this week?

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