#ChangeTheStatistics: Black Lives, ‘To Hell With Them’

If you think this title says it all about Black lives, you’re mistaken. However, every African-American needs to read this, today.

History can teach us a lot about American black lives.

However, if Blacks know nothing about it, they’re forced to repetitively relive unnecessary consequences.

For the most part, Black America has come a long way, but it still has farther to travel. It’s time to Change The Statistics.

Before you continue, remember this unknown quote.

“Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.”

Black Lives ‘Cheating The System’

Along the journey, you meet people. These are people of whom you think are for your good…people to “help” (hinder) you.


Eventually, over time, you realize their works run contrary to your progression.

According to Townhall, for Black Americans, one of those “mistakes” is welfare.

Read this in its entirety before you cast it off.

Unfortunately, many black lives have been there at some point.

Don’t get me wrong.

Welfare helps the Black community. For those who are truly unable to take care of themselves, it’s a necessity.

However, for everyone else, Townhall calls it a “favor” that blocks Black progression. Basically, it’s a system which says, “To hell with them.”

Think Before You Blow Your Top

Sure, other ethnicities are also welfare recipients.

As a matter of fact, according to the Huffington Post, Caucasian Americans are the largest percentage of welfare users.

Yet, non-Black demographics aren’t the focus for this particular discussion, right?

So, take this example for instance.

As a relative concept, the source mentions when Blacks were first allowed into Ivy League schools in the 1960s.

A particular chemistry professor noted giving Black students academic favors. While it seemed a benevolent gesture, it turns out to have been quite the contrary.

“I give them all A’s and B’s. To hell with them,” said the professor.

Just like any other ethnicity, while there were Blacks who understood chemistry and aced it, there were also those who didn’t understand the course load.

Yet, this professor passed everyone, regardless.

Townhall furthers its discussion on the professor as follows.

“He also knew that his ‘favor’ to black students in grading was going to do them more harm than good in the long run, because they wouldn’t know what they were supposed to know.”

There’s No Difference

It’s the same regarding Blacks and welfare. It’s a limiting favor for many who don’t need it.

Welfare misuse has caused the fall of innumerable Black families, “unnecessary consequences,” as mentioned earlier.

While many non-poverty-strickened black lives are “getting over” on the system, simultaneously, they’re doing the same to themselves.

Sure, it’s easy money. No doubt about it. Who doesn’t like easy money?

However, as a welfare recipient, you’re forced to constrict your life within certain parameters in order to continue receiving it.

Black Lives At A Stand Still?

One of those parameters (“qualifications”) is that you remain below a certain income level.

Ideally, you have to willingly continue making less than $20k a year. Some parameters require you to be and remain a single parent.

“You have to forfeit your right to a successful life in abundance, in order for me to keep giving you this box of free food items and these food stamps.”

In essence, the previous quote is what the welfare system is saying to the majority of its Black recipients. And, many Black lives continue to take the bait.

If you’re black and trying to prove American stereotypes wrong, welfare should be the last thing on your list of necessities.

Again, this excludes African-American families who actually depend on welfare in order to survive.

You know: mentally and physically disabled persons, ex-felons who can’t get hired, single parents left with kids due to an uninsured deceased spouse, displaced disaster victims, etc.

“Bruh…chill out.”

Mind you, all ethnicities have the same aforementioned lists. However, this discussion is “for Blacks, by Blacks, for the advancement of Blacks.”

If you’re not looking to advance, this wasn’t for you.

Although, if so, it’s time to be the kings and queens you proclaim.

“Change the statistics.”

[Featured Image via Sean Rayford/Getty Images]