Siggy Flicker Says ‘RHONJ’ Is Uncomfortable: Will She Leave The Show And Drop In Net Worth?

Siggy Flicker is a brand new addition to The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. Siggy isn’t the only new housewife, as Dolores is also a new housewife. And while it is refreshing to see some brand new faces on the show, this show is clearly about Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and Jacqueline Laurita. Since Jacqueline has returned to the show, fans are curious as to how this friendship is going to work out. Even though Siggy is a relationship expert, she may not know all of the skeletons in the closet in regards to these ladies. And sadly, the old drama is overshadowing the new cast.

According to a new Bravo report, Siggy Flicker is now revealing that she was surprised to see how quickly the drama escalated when the ladies went to Vermont together. While Teresa, Jacqueline, and Melissa may have anticipated some kind of drama, Flicker was surprised that the ladies were so aggressive with one another. And in her Bravo blog, Siggy reveals that despite being a relationship expert, the trip downright made her uncomfortable.

“I felt so uncomfortable on this trip, and I just wanted to protect my friends from getting hurt and/or into trouble … and then get the hell back to Jersey. For crying out loud, we are all adults; high school was over YEARS ago. I don’t want to partake in any gossip or B.S. –- I just want to have a good time with my friends. I work so hard every day to make sure my kids are respectful and behave. I really have no tolerance for adults who act this way. I was shocked,” Siggy Flicker revealed in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Siggy may have joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey in hopes of increasing her overall net worth. Many women joined the show or the successful franchise because they have a business idea and want some exposure. Bethenny Frankel has found tremendous success with the help of the show, and many other wives have gotten book deals, booze deals, and other lucrative business deals from being in the spotlight. They have also been paid for advertising deals on Instagram, and some of the ladies have been the face of products they are just endorsing.


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Maybe Siggy Flicker was hoping that she would expand her relationship expert brand, as she could have used the Real Housewives of New Jersey to grow her business. But it sounds like viewers are tired of being marketed to and they want to get updates about some friendships and relationships. Of course, Siggy has experience as a relationship expert so it makes sense that she would want to use her skills to help out the current cast, but it may not be enough to heal the deep wounds.

“In all my years as a relationship expert, I’ve only been able to find success with parties who are willing and able to participate and really want to do everything they can in their power to make it work. I love providing people with the tips and tools to revive their relationships, but again, I am not a magician; it ALWAYS takes two to tango,” Siggy Flicker revealed in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

It is interesting that Siggy thinks that the trip to Vermont was uncomfortable, as this is common for the wives filming these shows. She hasn’t talked about her future with the show, but it is possible that she’s considering leaving the franchise if she feels uncomfortable with the show and the drama.

What do you think of Siggy Flicker’s comments about the show being uncomfortable?

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