Maureen McCormick Reveals ‘DWTS’ Injury: Will This Cause Her To Leave The Show?

Maureen McCormick is doing a great job on Dancing with the Stars, but an injury could end up causing her a few problems. E! Online shared that Maureen has a back injury, but at this time, she is dancing through the pain. Last night, McCormick went ahead and danced the Salsa with her partner, Artem Chigvintsev, but she did all of this with terrible back pain going on. Maureen is showing that she can fight through the pain.


It turns out that Maureen McCormick’s back is hurting her bad enough that she is going to have to get it checked out.

McCormick shared the details about her injury last night.

“I’m getting an MRI, so that’s good. It’s been one of the most painful things I’ve ever had happen to me, I think maybe the most. ‘Cause every time we’ve had a rehearsal, we’ve had to stop and it’s like bone-to-bone, it’s like a knife, just going all over…I couldn’t do the steps, so we had to go visit doctors, we spent the night at Cedars Sinai…but we did it. We did it.”

Maureen McCormick did well enough on the show last night that she is safe for another week. McCormick won’t be getting sent home, but fans are concerned that her back issues could make it where she has to go home anyway. This would be heartbreaking considering she is doing so well on the show.

Maureen McCormick also talked about her performance last night.

“I just wanted to go out and have fun and do what this man has taught me, enjoy it and embrace it and love it and feel pretty and sexy and all those thing that I’ve never really felt when dancing. It was amazing. Every moment with him is amazing. It was incredible.”

Tonight, everyone will be saying goodbye to someone, but it won’t be Maureen McCormick. She will be getting the results of her MRI, and hopefully, it won’t keep her from being on the show. If the doctors tell her that she shouldn’t dance, then Maureen will have to think about that for sure. Jana Kramer was told earlier this season she should take time off, but she didn’t do it and just kept on dancing through the pain. Sometimes the doctor won’t give you a choice at all, and a dancer will be required to take their advice. Hopefully, Maureen is not one of those cases.


The Daily Mail shared that Maureen McCormick was able to beat out Amber Rose last night to win immunity. Amber did a great job on the show, but it wasn’t enough to beat out Maureen for immunity. Maureen was actually intimidated by Amber and said that her body felt pretty beaten up before this dance. Amber got to shake it to The Big Booty Song by Jennifer Lopez.

She said, “This is very appropriate… I’m super excited to shake my booty in this dance, I feel like I’m really going to bring it tonight. I feel like J-Lo already.”

Amber has done a great job so far, though. It would be shocking if she ended up getting sent home this week. This is only the third week of this season of Dancing with the Stars, so a lot of dancers are still around.

Are you shocked to hear that Maureen McCormick has an injured back? Do you think this will keep her from being on Dancing with the Stars? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss finding out tonight on DWTS who is going home this week. Fans are hoping that Maureen’s injury won’t make her get sent home.

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