Should Kate Middleton’s Lady In Red ‘Obsession’ Concern Prince William?

During Kate Middleton and Prince William’s current tour of Canada, the Duchess of Cambridge has looked her usual regal and dashing self, yet the royal fashionista upped the ante again in British Columbia with a red dress that would have caught the attention of the blindest and most impotent bull.

Bright red is a bold choice of color for even the most adventurous of ladies, but for a shrinking violet and demure wallflower like our Kate, it’s a livid statement, which appears to scream with an unbounded delight and primitive glee, “Look at me, I’m all woman!”

Kate, of course, has a proud history of wearing red. The Inquistr previously reported that when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Buckingham Palace for a state banquet, he was delighted to find Kate Middleton dressed all in red like a walking version of China’s famous flag.

Wearing the Queen Mother’s tiara and dressed like a scarlet jezebel, Kate was an absolute vision in a garish red outfit, which dazzled in a way only a fiery frock can.

Lady In Red

Red is often seen as the color of blood, fire, anger, and wrath, and not usually the hue associated with the restrained and soothing blue that Queen Elizabeth normally favors.

No doubt Her Majesty would rather muck out the pigs than wear the sort of all red ensemble which the Duchess of Cambridge favors.

Obviously, the color red would clash rather discordantly with the Queen’s conservative and reserved image, but Her Highness and Kate Middleton do share a passion for wearing outfits of a hue which can only be described as egg yolk yellow.

As one of the most disliked and unflattering of colors, yellow is a tricky hue to wear well. In fact, a yellow outfit often wears the wearer and leaves them looking like a rather plump and uncomfortable canary who’s just had their wings clipped.

The color yellow has long been associated with mustard. Which is all well and good, but one would do well to remember that mustard works best as a compliment and a side serving to bring out the succulent flavors in a well-cooked piece of beef. It’s not a main dish in its own right.

Sadly, somebody has forgotten to inform Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth of this. Both the Queen and the Duchess have made the unforgivable faux pas of wearing yellow at high profile social engagements. Tut! Tut!

Now while we may be able to forgive Queen Elizabeth of such an indiscretion and apportion the blame to her advancing years, Kate Middleton is a young lady with her finger on the pulse and should know that wearing yellow really is a “hell no!”

Thankfully, Kate has seemingly ditched the vile and loathsome canary shades during her Canadian adventure and opted to wear something dazzling and red instead.

Alas, the color red is not without its own set of problems, not so much for the wearer but for the partner or husband of the woman above in red. And in this case, that means Prince William.

Renowned for his bland, unassuming style and complete lack of fashion sense, Prince William is content to lurk quietly in the background as Kate thrusts herself into the limelight like a dancing pony at any and every public function attended by the lovely couple.

Now while Kate is usually the focal point of most people’s attention, when the Duchess is draped in red, the archetypal English Rose is apparently in danger of transmitting “powerful” messages about her availability and susceptibility to romantic advances.

Scientific studies have proven that men find the color red very alluring and believe women wearing it will respond more favorably to their chat up techniques.

Lady In Red

Social psychologist Adam Pazda believes such attitudes are a hangover from our primal past when animals such as female baboons indicated they were ready to mate by displaying bright red patches on their skin.

Here’s the rub as far as Prince William is concerned. Pazda explains that, “It is possible that women actually wear red clothing more when they are interested in sexual encounters. We are currently investigating this possibility, and preliminary evidence suggests that this is indeed happening.”

Oh dear!

Alex Jones, a psychology lecturer at Swansea University in Wales, added, “Red has a special status in mating contexts — it is employed to possibly attract higher-quality mates…and perhaps actively avoided when low quality mates are present.”

Oh dear again!

Now what the world really wants to know is — what color outfit was Kate Middleton wearing when she and Prince William met Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

Lady In Red

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]