‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Hendrickson Reveals That Chloe Had Nothing To Do With Adam’s Death, Is Patty Or Ian To Blame?

Elizabeth Hendrickson wasted no time settling in and shaking up storylines in Genoa City on The Young and the Restless. On Air On Soaps reports that there’s much more to come, and Hendrickson isn’t even sure how the Y&R writers will get Chloe out of the mess she’s in.

As Young and the Restless viewers witnessed, Chloe’s thirst for revenge against Adam Newman (formerly Justin Hartley) led her to do unimaginable acts, including teaming up with the evil and powerful Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

Now, Chloe is living with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), who is her best friend and Adam’s widow. Young and the Restless viewers were shocked when it looked like Chloe left Adam to die in the cabin by setting it on fire. Chloe has done some crazy schemes in her past, but murder was a stretch, even for her. Elizabeth assures her fans that Chloe did not kill Adam, and she isn’t sure who did it.

When the Young and the Restless producers asked Hendrickson to return to the role of Chloe, they didn’t tell her the specifics of the storyline. All they told her was that she was returning to finish a revenge plan against Adam.

“They didn’t say ‘destroy’ Adam, but I knew Adam was in the mix. I knew there was a chance that Justin Hartley was going somewhere. Sometimes people think that we know what’s going (behind the scenes), but not really. But, I had a feeling that was a piece of the puzzle.”


According to Elizabeth, Chloe’s reality has always been to seek revenge on behalf of her daughter, Delia’s death. She wanted to make sure Adam suffered because she held him responsible for taking her baby from her, and she spiraled out of control when the judge freed him from his 10-year sentence.

“Chloe is going to avenge her daughter Delia’s death, and that Delia needs the justice that is deserved. So I don’t think Chloe necessarily has it all planned out. I think she is more of a spontaneous girl. I don’t think she sits there with her entire plan and maps it out. But, I think all of these emotions brings them up and stirs her up, and then she thinks, ‘Oh! This is the best plan.’ Then, she goes for it. Adam has always been at the top of her list.”

Hendricks explained that the Young and the Restless writers purposely confused who killed Adam. They made it look like Chloe was guilty, but it will come out that it was someone else and she wasn’t involved. Chloe’s plan was to kill Adam slowly, but she chickened out — she couldn’t hurt Chelsea by taking her true love from her.

“In my mind, her intention was just to have him suffer, and I think her use of a tranquilizer was her hoping Adam would have a slow death. But, I don’t think her plan was to have him blown up! She had nothing to do with the explosion.”

Elizabeth stated that Chloe doesn’t know where Adam is being hidden. There’s no doubt that Chloe feels horrible about how Adam was taken from his family in such a horrible way, but if she was honest with herself, this is exactly what she wanted. Even though she wanted Adam to die, she didn’t hate him enough to follow through and kill him.

“She constantly has that pull back to Chelsea. She does feel guilty, only because she loves Chelsea so much, and she sees the pain she is in, but then Chloe has to remind herself, ‘No. This is really what you wanted.’ When this story comes to a head, I am very interested to see what those scenes will be like between Chelsea and Chloe, because they are going to be massive. It’s a really big, huge reveal for her.”

Another Young and the Restless spoiler noted that Chloe is not in cahoots with Victor anymore. Apparently, Chloe doesn’t want Victor to turn on her and take Bella away from her.

“It’s a real fear of Chloe’s,” Hendrickson said.

Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Bella’s daddy could be either Kevin (Greg Rikaart) or Billy (Jason Thompson). Elizabeth doesn’t know who it will be, but she hopes it turns out to be Billy’s daughter.

“I don’t really know, but I have an idea, and I would love it if it was Billy’s and I got to work with Jason Thompson more. Mainly because I feel like they dropped the ball with Chloe and Billy many years ago. I think that is a story that could be revisited, and they really didn’t deal with two parents losing their child. It was more like he lost her and he’s over here, and I lost her and I’m over there.”

The big question remains: If Chloe didn’t kill Adam with the explosion, who did? The only person that could have wanted Adam dead that bad would be Ian Ward (Ray Wise). There’s always the possibility that Paty Williams (Stacy Haiduk) could have been at fault.

Young and the Restless fans, who do you think set off the cabin explosion? Are you enjoying Chloe’s stint on Y&R?

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