‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 23 Spoilers: Which Couples Are Safe From Elimination?

Dancing with the Stars continues to truck on despite the presidential debates, so it makes perfect sense that there would be Dancing with the Stars Season 23 spoilers all over the internet on the day after the competition. After the much-reviled Ryan Lochte took a beating on the dance floor, fans were left to wonder: is he safe from elimination? And if not, which couples are?

Warning: this post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read Dancing with the Stars Season 23 spoilers.

In USA Today‘s Dancing with the Stars Season 23 spoilers, they pointed out that while former Governor Rick Perry and Vanilla Ice each scored the same thing with the judges — a measly 23 points! — immunity from elimination could only be given to one pair. Judge Len Goodman then decided to give immunity to the star of The Vanilla Ice Project, making him safe from elimination. While Mr. “Play That Funky Music” is safe from elimination for now, if he doesn’t pick up some major dancing skills — and fast — the good will of the judges won’t be extended for long. Right now, Len Goodman is looking at him as more of a curiosity than anything else, and he seems more perplexed by Ice than hostile towards him. But if Ice doesn’t start picking up some real dance moves, that can — and will — quickly change.

Meanwhile, other Dancing with the Stars Season 23 spoilers reported by Gossip Cop confirm what we’ve known from the beginning: Ryan Lochte is not safe from elimination. Aside from the fact that he’s just an awful dancer, he has left a bad taste in everyone’ mouth from the beginning. The drama at the Olympics notwithstanding, the rumors are abounding all over Hollywood that the “attack” on him the first week was nothing more than a publicity stunt worthy of the WWE. Furthermore, because the disgraced athlete was facing off against James Hinchcliffe — who has proven himself to be one of the strongest dancers of the season — he didn’t stand a chance of winning the face-off competition. And while his appearance on Dancing with the Stars was a strange curiosity, it’s safe to say that none of us are sorry to see him go: he was far from a ratings draw, he had no technical skills whatsoever, and his personality is grating at best and contemptuous at worst.

The final set of Dancing with the Stars Season 23 spoilers come to us courtesy of ABC’s San Francisco affiliate, KGO-TV. In their spoilers, they pointed out that Laurie Hernandez and Marilu Henner — the youngest and the oldest contestant on the show, respectively — faced off against each other during the tango. And while Laurie was ruled safe from elimination, that doesn’t necessarily mean Marilu is out of the running to win the mirror ball. After all, Marilu still earned a rather respectable 25 points, which was more than Vanilla Ice & Rick Perry earned. In addition, of the contestants that aren’t safe from elimination, Marilu is the most likeable.

So, of all of the contestants, the only ones that will be subject to elimination are Marilu Henner, Amber Rose, Babyface, Rick Perry, Ryan Lochte, and Terra Jole. KGO, like every other news outlet in America, is all but praying for the contemptuous Ryan Lochte to be next on the chopping block for elimination, but it will be no great loss if former Governor Rick Perry is voted off the show. Amber Rose and Marilu Henner, however, should stay on for at least one more round before determining their fate.

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