Christina Hendricks Stops Interviewer Cold Over ‘Rude’ Question About Her ‘Full Figure’ [Video]

Christina Hendricks is easily one of the most beautiful women working in Hollywood today, but the actress has apparently grown tired of all the attention paid to her full figure and ample bosom.

Though she has never shied from the topic in the past, questions about Hendricks’ figure may now be off-limits to curious interviewers after Australian Sun-Herald Fashion Editor Kate Warehouse asked the 37-year-old actress about her inspirational role in the culture as a “full-figured woman.”

“You have been an inspiration as a full-figured woman,” Warehouse said. “What is the most inspiring story that you can remember where you’ve inspired someone?”

Hendricks appeared to become nervous, laughed, and looked off camera. “Um, I don’t know I’m sorry,” she replied.

The reporter later asked the same question, flustering Hendricks all the more. “I mean … You just said it again,” the actresses said as she searched for her representative.

Her rep finally did show, warning the reporter (who profusely apologized) to stay on topic. “I think calling me full-figured is just rude,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports Hendricks as saying off-camera of the uncomfortable incident.

One member of the press also allegedly warned journalists to “not to ask any questions about her breasts.”

Health Magazine once asked Hendricks about all of the attention paid to her figure. At the time, she responded, “It’s such a compliment, because of all those times I had agents who were, like, ‘You have to lose some weight,’ and all of a sudden, people are celebrating it. It’s like: ‘Oh, thank you! Thank you for letting me be me.’ “

The actress may have grown somewhat disillusioned with all of the fascination over her body since then. According to enstarz, Hendricks adopted a slightly altered tone in an interview on the subject with Glamour, saying: “You get everyone out there judging your dress and your hair and your lipstick, and you just think, ‘Let me get dressed up and go to a nice party. Why do you have to be so judgmental?’ “

Perhaps the talented Mad Men star simply wants to be taken seriously as an actress first. Just a thought.

Do you think that the media is too obsessed with Christina Hendricks’ figure? Was the question asked by the reporter “rude?”