Harry Styles Cast As Mick Jagger In Rolling Stones Biopic? Is Harry’s ‘Another Man’ Magazine Cover A Clue?

Harry Styles was strongly rumored to have been selected by Downton Abbey director Andy Goddard to play Mick Jagger in a Rolling Stones biopic. It was reported in mid-June that Styles would star in Goddard’s Exile on Main Street: A Season in Hell with the Rolling Stones. According to Harper’s Bazaar in their June 16 article, the plans looked definite.

The Rolling Stones biopic has not been in the news since, and fans wondered if perhaps the deal had fallen through. It would not be the first time the ill-fated biopic got sidelined. There were plans to make this film in 2012, but it never happened.

Now Harry Styles is posting Another Man magazine covers on Instagram and Twitter, with Styles obviously dressed as Mick Jagger in three different classic Jagger looks. People and other publications have written about the magazine covers being posted but not about the connection it may have with the Rolling Stones biopic.

Mick jagger Evening Standard Getty Images 3r
Mick jagger [Image by Evening Standard/Getty Images]

The Harry Styles, Mick Jagger resemblance is exploited heavily in the Another Man covers. There are three Another Man covers in all, each with Styles wearing his hair differently, but all are looks Jagger has sported in the past.

Mick Jagger and Harry Styles could be said to look alike, though the resemblance isn’t obvious because the two have very different mannerisms, facial expressions, and postures. Harry will find this role challenging. He will probably spend some time studying Jagger.

Perhaps Harry Styles could consult Johnny Depp who is said to have spent time with Keith Richards while trying to master his Jack Sparrow role. Oddly, Jack Sparrow as interpreted by Johnny Depp is at least partially inspired by Richards. Depp told NME he was worried about what Keith would think if he knew Depp was planning to mimic him for his pirate character.

“A good portion of the time I was spending with [Keith Richards,] I was sponging as much of him as I possibly could for the character. And when he found out what I’d been doing, it could’ve gone either way, but he was very nice about it, like ‘I had no idea mate!’ He was very sweet about it.”

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Harry Styles [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
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Mick jagger [Image by Evening Standard/Getty Images]


Harry Styles To Play Mick Jagger In Film About Rolling Stones’ 1972 Album ‘Exile On Main Street’

Mick Jagger And Harry Styles Good Friends

Is Harry Styles A Rock Star?

Harry Styles stands to benefit a great deal from making Exile on Main Street: A Season in Hell with the Rolling Stones. The establishment of Styles in the rock culture coupled with the opportunity to showcase his skills in a more challenging musical genre should escalate his already skyrocketing career. Playing Mick Jagger may also serve to distance Harry from his squeaky clean One Direction boy band image.

The Mick Jagger role could move Styles out of that soft pop music pigeonhole and into a very serious genre that he apparently admires.

Harry Styles is currently making his debut solo album, a process he is savoring, consulting many of his favorite rock icons, including the remaining members of the Beatles and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Having an opportunity to study Mick Jagger and the music of the Rolling Stones can only assist him in his pursuit of the perfect sound for his new album.

Harry Styles’ Mick Jagger role should strengthen Styles’ musical and acting skills as well as broadening the public’s perception of him.

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