Russian Secret Service Blames Al-Qaeda For Europe’s Recent Forest Fires

Russia’s long feared and mysterious Secret Service has come out from behind the veil to openly blame Al-Qaeda for the wave of forest fires that have been plaguing Europe. In the last few weeks, forest fires in Spain and Portugal have left scores of people dead and forced thousands to abandon their homes. The fires have taken a heavy toll on the budgets of two countries that are already feeling tremendous pressure due to their struggling economies

Russian Security Chief Alexander Bortnikov commented on Al-Qaeda’s change in tactics from bombings and hijackings to low tech, low cost attacks designed to do financial damage and instill fear in the population:

“One should note that setting fires to forests in the countries of the European Union is a new tendency in Al-Qaeda’s strategy of ‘a thousand cuts.’ This method allows (Al-Qaeda) to inflict significant economic and moral damage without serious preliminary preparations, technical equipment or significant expenses.”

Terrorism experts have noticed a marked increase of articles on Jihadi websites instructing supporters to set forest fires as a way to “bleed the enemy to death.” The revised tactics allow terrorists to reduce the need for large terror cells and decrease the risk of failure or capture.

In May of 2012, Al -Qaeda called for American Muslims to support the Islamist cause by setting forest fires in the United States. In one edition of Al-Qaeda’s web based terror magazine, Inspire, there were graphic instructions for the creation and ignition of “ember bombs” to be used to set the fires.

The use of forest fires is not new to the tactics of violence and terror. Entire terrorist groups, with names like Masadat Al-Mujahidin Fi Palestine have been created specifically for the purpose of trying to burn down as much of Israel as possible. The government of Israel has spent decades planting trees and creating flourishing forests where there was once nothing but desert, and setting forest fires is seen as a cheap and easy way to inflict economic harm on tiny Israel and to demoralize its long beleaguered Jewish citizens. Terrorists have openly taunted Jews about the gas ovens of Auschwitz while gloating over burning Israeli forests to the ground.

Despite the death of Bin Ladin at the hands of Seal Team Six, Al Qaeda is still seeking to inflict as much harm as possible on anyone they perceive as an enemy. Americans, Europeans, Israelis and most of all, any Muslim not deemed pious enough by the fanatical Islamists are targets of the blood thirsty psychopaths of Al-Qaeda. By using these simple yet deadly methods, Al-Qaeda remains a serious threat to the peace and stability of the planet.