WWE News: Triple H Returns After ‘Clash Of Champions’

The WWE is starting to use more and more subtle storyline tropes and a lot of that is using social media, and WWE.com exclusives that do not appear on television. Examples of that include the Cesaro shoot interview on the WWE Network after the brand extension draft and the Daniel Bryan and Miz confrontation on Talking Smack.

Last night, after Clash of Champions ended, WWE.com had an exclusive video that also plays into the current running storyline on WWE Monday Night Raw concerning the face turn of Seth Rollins. In the video, Stephanie McMahon is leaving, all smiles, congratulated Kevin Owens after what she called a great night, and then greets her husband, Triple H, who is waiting for her in the limo to leave.

To understand the significance of WWE.com showing this scene with Stephanie and Triple H after Clash of Champions, one needs to understand the story that the company is painting right now for Seth Rollins. Triple H came back at the SummerSlam WWE Network event and betrayed Rollins, his chosen one, and helped Kevin Owens win the WWE Universal Championship.

Meanwhile, Stephanie McMahon claimed she had no idea what Triple H was doing and feigned innocence in front of Mick Foley, who has innocently believed her. Seth Rollins has claimed through it all that McMahon knew what Triple H was doing and was part of the entire scheme to betray him.


This entire storyline has been a slow burn concerning Stephanie and Triple H, with McMahon playing innocent, acting like a face authority figure alongside Foley, while at times flashing a smirk or other look to show that maybe she isn’t as innocent as she acts. Anyone who has watched the WWE for any amount of time knows that McMahon is evil and is likely in on everything Triple H has done.

It is also clear that Mick Foley doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Foley took to Twitter with an embed of the video from after Clash of Champions and the desire to talk to McMahon once again about Triple H.


What this will likely lead to is Mick Foley realizing that he can’t trust Stephanie McMahon and that she truly is evil. That will lead to either Stephanie and Triple H firing Mick and humiliating him, or the two going to battle against each other on WWE Monday Night Raw.

It will probably also lead to the full-fledged Seth Rollins face turn and the return of Triple H to the roster in a major role. There were rumors that Triple H and Seth Rollins would battle at Survivor Series, but this is a WrestleMania-caliber main event.


It is fun to watch the WWE use social media, the WWE Network, and the internet to move their stories forward. For fans who don’t have the WWE Network, or care about following online, it may be frustrating but it really adds something to the stories that three hours of WWE Monday Night Raw or two hours of SmackDown Live may not be able to do.

Stuff like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon colluding during Clash of Champions without slamming the fans over the head with it every week on Raw is smart storytelling. Giving guys like Cesaro and The Miz a forum that they may not have time for on TV is also smart.


As for the storyline between Triple H and Seth Rollins, this behind the scenes Clash of Champions video will provide a launching point for things to really kick off. Rollins will likely come out on fire tonight, Stephanie and Mick will likely square off, and the eventual Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match will probably start to build momentum.

[Featured Image via WWE]