When Will ‘The Originals’ Season 4 Premiere On The CW? Is January 29, 2017 Right?

Just when is The Originals back? There are many dates floating around the internet as for the premiere of The Originals Season 4. Are any of them right? Here’s a look at what the CW has to say.

Back in May, the CW announced the fall TV 2016 lineup. While parent show The Vampire Diaries Season 8 was confirmed for an October start, fans were disappointed to hear that The Originals wouldn’t be released until the midseason. CW chief Mark Pedowitz stated that saving Season 4 for the January 2017 lineup was an attempt to strengthen the midseason programming. The show would be joined by the likes of The 100 and iZombie.

However, fans are worried that it means the show is clinging on by a thread. There are rumors that The Originals will be canceled, especially after the Inquisitr reported that the show would only get 13 episodes instead of the usual 22.

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While fans know January, they want an exact date. There are currently rumors that The Originals Season 4 will return on January 29, 2017, which The Christian Times is reporting is the definite date. However, a quick search elsewhere on the internet makes it clear that there isn’t a confirmed date from the CW just yet.

Where does this January 29 date come from? It is possible that some sites are getting confused with the return date of Season 3 after the winter hiatus. Season 3 picked back up on January 29, 2016, with the first Friday night episode for the series. It makes sense that this would be a speculated date for Season 4, considering The 100 Season 3 aired its premiere around the same time.


The problem with the January 29 date is that in 2017 this is a Sunday. The CW doesn’t put its main programming on Sunday nights. Earlier this year, Pedowitz said that there was only eight hours of programming in the week, running Monday to Friday. It is very unlikely that the network would decide to air the episodes on a Sunday night if it was trying to strengthen the midseason lineup.

Premieredate.tv is still to share The Originals Season 4 premiere date. It will be sometime in January 2017, but hasn’t given the exact date just yet. This site is usually on point with the release dates and offers a countdown timer for fans to get ready. It also goes through rating figures and suggestions over whether the show will be canceled or not.

Season 4 will see a five-year time jump. Currently, the Mikaelsons are facing the extinction of their family line. Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and Freya are all connected to Klaus’ life force. Klaus has been stabbed with Papa Tunde’s blade and is trapped behind a wall at the mercy of Marcel right now. Hayley and Hope are left trying to find answers to save their family before it is too late.

There are rumors that Davina will somehow make a comeback, while some fans want to see Caroline make a jump from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals to be with Klaus. There are also suggestions that Bonnie will make the jump to find a way to save the Mikaelson family.


Right now it is unknown just what will happen and when the show will return. The Originals Season 4 is definitely premiering sometime in January 2017. The January 29 date isn’t yet confirmed by the CW, and is mostly likely being confused with The Originals return for Season 3 in 2016. The Inquisitr will report The Originals Season 4 premiere date as soon as the CW confirms it.

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