Philadelphia Groom Sues Strip Club For Alleged Bachelor Party Injury

Philadelphia, PA – A groom-to-be filed a lawsuit against the Penthouse Club for a ruptured bladder he claims he sustained when an erotic dancer slid down a stripper pole and landed on his stomach. The bachelor party incident allegedly occurred after Patrick Gallagher accepted an invitation to lie on the stage as the dancer slid down a pole above him.

The lawsuit filed last week claims the groom was forced to endure surgery after sustaining the injury to his bladder in November 2010. Gallagher is reportedly accusing the Penthouse Club of negligence and is seeking at least $50,000 for pain, humiliation, mental anguish, and medical costs, Fox News reports.

The Bachelor Package at the Philadelphia strip club reportedly includes the added perk of going on stage and getting extra attention from the exotic dancers. Gallagher’s pals purchased the bachelor party package to presumably enhance the evening of pre-wedding fun. The groom’s buddies likely did not anticipate the possibility of internal bleeding when they smiled as Patrick was led onto the stage by the dancers.

One exotic performer shimmied up the stripper pole and then launched herself down on the Gallagher’s abdomen, according to attorney Neil T. Murray’s statements to the Philadelphia Inquirer. The groom was allegedly in such extreme pain that he and his pals left the Penthouse Club. The bachelor party guest of honor went to the hospital the next morning where doctors reportedly diagnosed the injury as a ruptured bladder that needed surgical repair. Murray maintains his client also suffered nerve damage in his hip and back.