'Sexy Hillary Clinton' Can't Thump Donald Trump In 2016 Halloween Costumes Contest

The hottest Halloween costumes of 2016 may not be superheroes, spooky witches, or Star Wars characters. Instead, fans of the holiday better be prepared to see Donald Trumps everywhere; costumes and masks inspired by the GOP presidential nominee are flying off of store shelves. Hillary Clinton costumes currently aren't selling quite as fast, but perhaps a sexier version of the pantsuits that she loves to wear will help her catch up to her competition.

According CBS News, Donald Trump Halloween costumes are going to be "YUUUGE" this year. Many aspiring Trumps probably already have suits and ties in their closet, so choosing to dress up like the billionaire businessman can actually be a budget-friendly option. However, if Halloween revelers really want to make America ghoulish again, they've got to invest in getting the hair and the face right.

At its factory in Mexico, Rubie's Costume Co. is helping Americans achieve their dreams of looking like the man who wants Mexico to pay for his great wall. The company produces a line of cartoonish Donald Trump masks, and they've proved to be so popular that Rubie's is currently having a difficult time meeting the massive demand for the masks. They feature gigantic bushy eyebrows, protruding lips in a perpetual snarl, a double chin, and a yellow head of latex hair that Jimmy Fallon would not be able to playfully ruffle.

A Donald Trump Costume Isn't Complete Without A Mask
Rubie's Costume Co. is making a mint off of its Donald Trump masks (Image via Rubie's Costume Co.)

Howard Beige, an executive with Rubie's, says that Barack Obama masks were also hot items back when the former senator from Illinois was running for president. However, the company is currently selling twice the amount of Donald Trump masks. Any Trump merchandise at stores that stock Halloween costumes could sell out fast, so if you want to dress up like the former host of The Apprentice, you might want to purchase everything you need for your costume sooner rather than later. Knockoffs of Trump's red "Make America Great Again" baseball hat and wigs inspired by his sculpted comb-over hairstyle may also become scarce as the holiday approaches.

Leigh Wendinger, an inbound marketing manager for Halloweencostumes.com, speculates that Hillary Clinton Halloween costumes aren't proving to be as popular as Donald Trump costumes because "women aren't super-excited to dress up in a pants suit." However, as Cosmopolitan reports, lingerie retailer Yandy has created a Clinton-inspired Halloween costume that might appeal to Hillary Clinton supporters who aren't interested in looking presidential. As you can see, the "Capitol Hill" costume is basically a pants suit without pants.

Hillary Clinton Halloween Costumes Could Be Popular This Year
The sexy Hillary Clinton Halloween costume (Image via Yandy)

According to the Yandy website, the Democrat-blue mini-dress comes with an American flag pin. The wig is sold separately.

Yandy doesn't just sell a sexy Hillary Clinton Halloween costume; women can also don a sexed-up version of Donald Trump's suit and tie. Yandy sells two different versions of its "Donna T. Rumpshaker" costume, both of which include a red "Making America Great" hat. One costume consists of a pair of booty shorts, a conservative white shirt, an attached red tie, and a dark blue blazer. The other costume, "Donna T. 2.0," comes with pants instead of shorts, and its white shirt features a cleavage-baring cutout.

There Are Multiple Sexy Donald Trump Halloween Costumes Now
The "Donna T. Rumpshaker" and "Donna T. 2.0" Halloween costumes (Images via Yandy)

The Donna T. Rumpshaker costume was introduced last year, and it sold out.

Political Halloween costumes may be hot this year, but they'll get some competition from popular movies. According to CNBC, Party City's current bestsellers include Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters costumes. USA Today reports that Harley Quinn was the most searched for costume on Google last year even though Suicide Squad was yet to be released. Spirit Halloween speculates that Harley will be just as hot this year, as will other superheroes and supervillains like the Joker, Deadpool, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. Pop culture phenomenons like Pokémon and American Horror Story are also going to be popular, and some Halloween fans may choose to pay tribute to David Bowie and Prince, two of the musical legends that the world lost in 2016.

Just keep this in mind: If you want to stand out from the crowd this Halloween, it's best to avoid the popular costumes mentioned above.

[Featured Image by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images]