Angela ‘Dawn’ Fowler, Robert Heydman: ‘Snapped’ — Youth Pastor Kills Hubby For Congregant In South Carolina Murder On Oxygen

Angela Dawn Fowler, also known as Dawn Fowler, is the lead story for Snapped this Sunday. Oxygen’s Snapped profiles the cases of female killers. Authorities say 10 years ago, Dawn Fowler asked Robert Lee Heydman to kill her disabled husband, who she claimed was emotionally abusive. Heydman did just that. Snapped will show that the murder was carried out in December 2006 and made to look like a home invasion. Dawn Fowler and Robert Heydman were both convicted for their part in the murder. According to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, Angela Dawn Fowler is eligible for parole in October of this year. Heydman is still serving out his life sentence, according to Group State. Spartanburg County investigators will offer commentary on the murder case.

Boiling Springs, South Carolina: 2006

Not much goes on in the town of Boiling Springs, but police say a steamy affair between a youth pastor and a female member of his congregation was hot enough to put the boil in Boiling Springs.

It’s a quiet town with little crime. There, church is important to everyone. It was certainly important to Robert Lee Heydman, who attended Baptist services faithfully and helped the young people in his congregation. His entire life changed when he met Dawn Fowler. It is speculated that 37-year-old Dawn Fowler began having an affair with the married pastor, something that happened after she began confiding in him about her marital problems with her husband, Richard. Specifically, she told Robert Lee Heydman that Richard was abusing her and the children. What Heydman didn’t know was that Dawn Fowler had been allegedly looking for someone to get rid of her husband.

That Was Just A Lie

According to people who knew them, Richard Fowler was never abusive. He loved Dawn. The devoted and caring family man took care of his wife and children, despite her many sex affairs. He even went back to live with Dawn Fowler after she got herself into trouble for writing bad checks during their separation. But when he hurt his back in a work-related injury and was no longer able to provide financially, Dawn had absolutely no use for him and wanted him dead.

Dawn Fowler used sex and pity to twist the once-respected Robert Heydman around her finger, begging him to take care of husband Richard. The plan was to beat him and kill him while she took the kids to school. Then, she would pretend to know nothing. That’s how it was supposed to happen. But when Dawn failed a polygraph test, she turned on Robert Lee Heydman quicker than you could flip a dime.

The investigation revealed that Robert Lee Heydman arrived at the Gobbler’s Knob home, where he beat and bludgeoned Richard Fowler to death. By the time police arrived on the scene, they found Richard Fowler dead. He was lying in a pool of blood and one arm dangled from the bed.

Nothing had been touched, and it was obvious that no home invasion had taken place. With Dawn’s confession, police arrested them both. The Herald Journal reported that Dawn Fowler, the mastermind of the murder plot, received a plea deal for her testimony against Robert Heydman. In exchange, she only received 13 years.

It’s a depressing tale for the friends and family members of Richard Fowler, who say that he didn’t deserve what happened to him. As for Robert Heydman, they say it’s sad that he went from a kindhearted youth pastor to a human weapon who beat the life out of someone who didn’t even deserve it.

The case of Dawn Fowler and Robert Heydman was profiled on the documentary series Wicked Attraction, episode “Prey For Me.” Watch the case as it is told this Sunday, September 25, on Snapped at 9/8 p.m. Central on the Oxygen Network. This weekend, Snapped: Killer Couples will also profile the case of Danielle Hudson.

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