Danielle Hudson, Chaz Blackshear: ‘Snapped Killer Couples’ Profiles Houston Taxi Cab Killers On The Oxygen Network

Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear shot and killed two taxi cab drivers in Houston, Texas, six years ago. Oxygen will chronicle their story tonight on the documentary Snapped: Killer Couples. Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear targeted taxi cab drivers and killed them for money, authorities say. On the show, Chaz Blackshear will give his side of the story from prison. Harris County police investigators are also expected to weigh in on the story on Snapped: Killer Couples tonight.

Snapped: Killer Couples:Background

Danielle Hudson, 21, was a single mother who hooked up with Chaz Blackshear, 21, an aspiring rapper from Dallas, Texas. When Chaz moved from Dallas and met Danielle Hudson, they quickly fell in love and moved in together in an apartment in Houston.

Authorities say that Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear should have never met. The relationship, which was doomed from the beginning, played out like a Bonnie and Clyde movie that ended in the deaths of two innocent people.

ABC 30 reported that Danielle Hudson had previously been jailed for theft, and Chaz Blackshear, who reportedly came from a suburban family, had been busted for drugs. They bonded almost from the beginning, and their sexual passions collided with their deadly desire to get money fast so they could enjoy the finer things in life.

Authorities say the wicked pair concocted an evil plan to rob taxi drivers, then kill them before burning all of the evidence. In October 2010, 34-year-old Mohammad El Sayed picked up the couple at a gas station on Wheatley. According to detectives, El Sayed was shot and killed. Two days later, Chaz Blackshear and Danielle Hudson called the same Yellow Cab company and asked for a taxi to pick them up at the same location. When 50-year-old Blaise Nwokenaka arrived, he was also shot and killed, according to Chron.

“Nwokenaka’s death was captured on video by surveillance cameras mounted on the office building where the crime occurred, police said. Nwokenaka was shot three times in the back and was left strapped in his driver’s seat while his taxicab was set on fire.”

The cabbie murders created a media frenzy in Houston because the general public didn’t know if a serial killer was targeting Muslim taxi drivers or if these two homicides were separate incidences.

Houston detectives quickly moved into action as they rushed to find out the identities of the killers. Authorities were able to determine right away that they were dealing with at least two suspects who were responsible for both killings. Surveillance video and audio calls led back to Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear. Fingerprints also matched the gun shell casings that had been found. Hudson and Blackshear eventually confessed to the murders.

When they were arrested, police say they showed absolutely no emotion. According to Court House News, Stephanie Nwokenaka, the widow of Blaise Nwokenaka, was angry that Yellow Cab failed to contact the other cab drivers to warn them of the first killing. If her husband had known that another driver was murdered at that same location just days prior, then he most likely would have turned down the fare, which would have saved his life.

Police records show that Chaz Blackshear shot the victims. Danielle Hudson’s job was to help plan how they would carry out the executions and make the calls to the cab company to lure the drivers to the scene.

For their crimes, Danielle Hudson received 40 years in prison. Chaz Blackshear was sentenced to life with no chance of parole. Tune into the program tonight to hear Chaz Blackshear in his own words. Snapped: Killer Couples airs at 9/8 p.m. Central on the Oxygen Network. The Heather Mack case aired last week.

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